byFairygodbosson Feb 04, 2015

The Challenges of Working Motherhood

Photo credit:Alice Proujansky / New Republic

While this New Republic article focuses predominantly on the pregnancy and conception years, its a pretty compelling picture of what it means to face unique social, cultural, and institutional barriers to success as a working mother-to-be.  

Our favorite quote is this:

"This is what it felt like: It felt like I was a successful professional adult who, from the time I’d started scooping ice cream and busing tables in tenth grade, had always had a job, except for the times I’d been laid off. In this case, I hadn’t been laid off. I’d finally, at age 35, done the thing that everyone from Mitt Romney to most of Facebook had assured me was the most rewarding and most valuable—the most downright American—thing I could do: I’d had a baby. And my income—my economic independence—had vanished."

For the full article, click here.  


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