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New App, New You
10 Must-Have Apps That Will Make You a New (and Improved) Person in the New Year
Taylor Tobin

2019’s about to begin, and New Year’s resolutions will be an inescapable topic of conversation for the next couple of weeks. With the help of technology, you can prep any number of improvement plans, from fitness to home organization and even getting your work life in order. As it turns out, plenty of apps exist to help you put your best foot forward in the office. And luckily, Business Insider recently rounded up 8 of the best (and we found another 2 worth downloading). 

1. Ummo

If public speaking isn’t your forte but your professional life requires presentations and the occasional speech, Ummo can provide personal coaching right from your own phone. The app allows you to specify the phrases and speech quirks you’d like to avoid, then records you practicing your presentation and notifies you when you accidentally use those terms and patterns. 

2. Prezi

Many professionals have plenty of experience with PowerPoint presentations — but they’ve also borne witness to numerous badly-designed slides and snooze-worthy project pitches. Prezi helps you stay away from dull presentations by allowing you to build and review your slideshow on your phone, giving you the chance to thoroughly practice your presentation and really wow your staff when the time comes. 

3. Bookly

Does your job involve required reading, and do you struggle to make your way through these lists of texts? If so, Bookly has you covered; just upload your reading list, and Bookly will track your progress, allow you to highlight favorite passages, and help you unlock goals and achievements to keep you motivated.

4. Timely

If you find yourself losing track of time while on the job, Timely can whip you back into shape. You upload your work calendar to this app, and it analyzes how you spend your time and generates reports alongside suggestions for better productivity.

5. Newton

When it comes to your work email account, “Inbox Zero” can feel like a foreign and unattainable concept. But the Newton app allows you to mute unimportant conversations, schedule replies, and backtrack messages that you send too quickly, therefore giving you greater control over email chaos. 

6. Google Keep

If your office uses Gmail and Google Documents, a new extension known as Google Keep may come in handy. Google Keep lets you take notes, videos, and voice memos during presentations and meetings, store them in a secure spot on your Google Drive, and share them with your coworkers when necessary.

7. HabitBull

For a little extra help sticking to your work-related New Year’s resolutions, give HabitBull a try. This app records your goals, sends you reminders, creates visually-appealing reports to keep you informed, and tracks your overall progress. 

8. Whova

Networking events serve as a major source of stress for many professionals, but the Whova app can make these gatherings significantly less difficult. Whova allows you to upload lists of attendees and then provides you with information about these people, helping you assemble a list of connections and then letting you upload business cards to keep your new acquaintances’ contact info in one place. 

9. Golden

Volunteering is a valuable way to expand your skill set and give back to your community, and Golden can help you find opportunities that are a perfect fit for your goals and your existing talents. The app screens local volunteer positions and sends you the ones that are most consistent with your skills, then allows you to schedule your hours and track your progress for resume inclusion. 

10. Forest

Even if you begin the workday with the best of intentions, your smartphone can easily distract from your productivity plans. To avoid this fate, just download the Forest app, which allows you to “plant” a virtual “tree” every time you want to focus. If you start messing around with your smartphone apps, the tree will die. But the longer you stay away from your phone, the larger and lusher the tree will grow. 

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