11 Women’s Workplace Stories That Gave Us Hope in 2018 — And How to Get a Job Like Theirs | Fairygodboss
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11 Women’s Workplace Stories That Gave Us Hope in 2018 — And How to Get a Job Like Theirs

The new year is a time for reflection. And when many women look back on 2018, they’ll remember how difficult — albeit, rewarding — it was. According to Fairygodboss’s research, 57 percent of women believe the workplace did not improve in 2018. At many companies, we’re out there fighting for equal pay, equal promotions and equal treatment by our superiors.

But there are some companies that go above and beyond to make their female employees feel valued, supported and confident in their ability to conquer their personal and professional lives with equal proficiency. Here are 11 anonymous company reviews on Fairygodboss that gave us hope in a rough year — and how you can apply to these killer companies right now. 

1. Cisco

“I have never felt more empowered, encouraged, and embraced for who I am and my focus in life [than at Cisco]. A lot of companies have previously tried to stifle who I am and what I want in life. Those companies wanted me to conform to what their idea of the ‘perfect employee’ was — that's not Cisco's style. Your talent makes you the perfect employee. Everything else is what makes you a unique individual, which is extremely valued in [this] company that excels at creating, collaborating and changing the world.”

Cisco is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

2. Cognizant

“If there is something you want to be empowered to do within your career, you can find it here!”

Cognizant is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

3. Charles Schwab

“I have worked in the financial business for over 30 years. I started as a young girl in a trading room in the early 1980s. [It was] a very tough environment for women back then. Those experiences were invaluable and made me the women I am now. Schwab is the most civil work environment hands down from any firm I have worked for. It is a great place for women to work, and not feel like they are second-class citizens. I would HIGHLY recommend Schwab.” 

Charles Schwab is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

4. General Motors

“There has to be something said about how amazing it is to work in the auto industry for a company that has an amazing Female CEO and Board of Directors that is 50% women! Mary Barra is truly an inspiration to work for, though she is not the only inspiring woman at this company. GM is making great strides at balancing the scales and getting more women into positions of leadership. This isn't just about promoting women for the sake of promoting women either. It is about highlighting the amazing work women are doing and giving credit where credit is due.”

General Motors is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

5. Fisher Investments

“Get ready to make an impact! Fisher is a collaborative and appreciative environment where you will be challenged to think through tough problems, and deliver on initiatives that moves the company forward. At the end of the day, every employee cares deeply about what we do for our clients!”

Fisher Investments is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

6. Ericsson

“This is an absolutely great environment for women! There are so many women here in leadership positions, and more are constantly getting promoted. There is also so much recognition given to women where it is deserved. I would highly recommend this company [to] women!”

Ericsson is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

7. Ultimate Software

“Someone (and, almost always, everyone) will be there there to support you. It's not a dog eat dog environment — it's humans encouraging other humans. They respect and promote women and are constantly looking to make life better for all their peeps. They really do put their people first.”

Ultimate Software is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

8. Fidelity Investments

“It is an environment where both men and women support women advancing.”

Fidelity Investments is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

9. Seagate Technology

“Seagate is a perfect place to have a career. It has taken me from single life, to being a parent with small kids, to being an empty nester, and has provided me [with] the flexibility to have good work-life balance.”

Seagate Technology is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

10. Boston Scientific

“Every woman is represented here! Kids, no kids, career-oriented, family-oriented, community-oriented, innovative, introverted, extroverted, etc. All races, identifications, interests are not only happy, but are fulfilled here!”

Boston Scientific is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

11. CDW Corporation

“[At CDW], they are always treating men and women the same. Most of the leadership here is women, and it's extremely inspiring to see.”

CDW Corporation is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.


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