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It’s hard to keep up with exactly what companies are doing with their “return to office” plans. Some keep slowly pushing their deadline back, while others are happily — and sometimes forcefully — welcoming back employees with masks and open arms. Some employees can’t wait to get back to their commute and in-person meetings, but others feel...well...significantly less enthused. Here are 13 tweets that show exactly how people “office culture” right now.

1. The woman who called out "office culture" with not a single regret.

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2. When hybrid workplace fans unite.
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3. For the ones who are concerned about....you know, the pandemic that's still raging.

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4. For companies that really value those in-person human interactions.
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5. The guy who's having a ball on his first day back.

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6. From management that's hacked the Great Resignation...

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7. ...To the people who pointed out the important truth about who really wants to go back to the office —and who doesn't, and why.

via @SeanTalentW / twitter.com8. The guy who called out the salads (and CEO) we hate to love and love to hate.
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9. Because it's really all about that first-day-back outfit.
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10. For those who miss the little things about the office.

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11. The guy who showcased the true beauty of office company culture.
via @darkwitted / twitter.com12. Calling out the disparity between what employees and employers want.
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13. And, of course, the truly important questions about what going back to the office means for our loved ones.

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