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2 Simple Reasons Women are Obsessed With Working at These Companies
Una Dabiero

The utilities industry makes the world go ’round. Whether it’s providing communities with safe water to drink or powering the technology that makes everyday life possible, a role in utilities can be uniquely rewarding. 

What can make important work even more compelling? Doing it at a really great company. Here are two reasons women love working at these utilities companies. And we’ll let you in on a secret: they’re both hiring right now. 

1. Companies like American Water care about humanity – including yours. 

American Water is dedicated to the entire experience of its employees. The company prides itself on fostering an inclusive, supportive environment. Half of its board of directors is women, and 92 percent of employees believe their CEO supports gender diversity. 

American Water offers alternate working arrangements, including flexible schedules and working-from-home arrangements, to employees who need it. And its employee assistance programs help employees locate and secure childcare and eldercare, for times when personal obligations get to be overwhelming. 

But it’s not just your time at work that American Water values; the company is also. = dedicated to the wellness of its employees, who enjoy discounted gym memberships and confidential and free mental health resources. Plus, American Water’s “healthy solutions” wellness program provides a free, confidential health assessment, along with tools and tips about managing stress, fitness, personal health, and weight. 

“Hurry up and get started,” wrote one Fairygodboss reviewer. “American Water is a great company to work for!”

Browse Opportunities at American Water.

2. And employers like Southern California Edison give female employees the tools they need to grow their careers.

Southern California Edison (SCE) is committed to supporting the women who work there. Career development is big at SCE; its Women’s Roundtable provides mentorship and networking opportunities to employees, while its Inclusive Leadership Workshops provide rising leaders with the tools they need to leverage diversity and inclusive environments for high performance. 

On top of career benefits, SCE offers amazing personal benefits to employees from day one. The company has comprehensive healthcare benefits, including a wellness plan that helps pay for fitness programs and 24/7 company-paid access to mindfulness resources like counseling sessions. 

Employees at SCE also receive employee discounts, transportation subsidies, reimbursements for continuing their educations and competitive 401(k) matching options. 

For mothers, SCE is one of the best of the best places to be. SCE’s Workplace Lactation program for provides new moms with a free breast pump, milk storage kits, lactation consultant and lactation rooms. The company also offers competitive maternity and paternity leave. 

“A good place to work and invest in your career,” wrote one anonymous reviewer. “5 out of 5.” 

Browse Opportunities at Southern California Edison.


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