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2 Reasons Women are Obsessed With These Companies
Una Dabiero

The Human Resources industry quite literally holds other industries together. Whether it’s providing the administrative support that businesses need to successfully run their offices or coming in to make exciting new hires, a role in human resources can be particularly rewarding.

Another thing that makes the Human Resources industry especially appealing is the amazing collection of companies you might get to work within. Here are three reasons women love working at these Human Resources companies. And don’t worry, they’re all hiring now!

1. Women are well-represented in leadership at places like ADP.

Ninety-three percent of Fairygodboss users say they would recommend working at ADP. And that’s not too shocking — women laud the company’s dedication to diversity and equality amongst its employees.The company is over 50 percent female and values strong female mentorship. ADP ha three business resource groups that “support the development and engagement” of its female associates.

Women say the company is full of “powerful women already in leadership positions and sharing their knowledge with other women.” To ensure this diverse workforce stays successful, ADP offers great work-life balance with little overtime or weekend work. It also offers flexible working options with the chance to work from home, whether you have kids you need to watch after school or just experience bad weather. Sign me up.

Browse Opportunities at ADP.

2. Places like Ultimate Software understand the value of employees – and have meaningful benefits to prove it.

If you’re looking to work in Human Resources, Ultimate Software is a clear top choice. It was rated the No. 1 Best Company for women by Fairygodboss users in 2018. One-hundred percent of women at Ultimate Software said they would recommend working here to other women, and 100 percent said they believe their CEO supports gender diversity.

There’s no question as to why; for working mothers, the company offers 10 weeks of paid maternity leave, two weeks of unpaid maternity leave, and $300 in child credits per year. The company also offers a wide-range of benefits to all employees, including employer-paid healthcare, financial education tools, tuition reimbursement for continued education, and wellness and mindfulness programs.  

Browse Opportunities at Ultimate Software.


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