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4 Consumer Products Companies Women Love (Just as Much as They Love Their Products)
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Taylor Tobin,

Consumer products companies conceptualize, design, market, and trade the things you use everyday – from the soap you use in the shower to the pens you use at work to the glass of wine you drink with dinner.

Just as their products are diverse, consumer products companies devote significant attention to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. And Fairygodboss' partners are proud to offer policies and work environments that are especially popular with female employees. If you’re a woman on the job hunt hoping to snag a positive position, we’ve rounded up the consumer products companies with the best benefits for women. 

1. E. & J. Gallo

Do you enjoy capping off your workday with a glass of your favorite wine? If this ritual sounds familiar to you, then maybe it’s time to seek a career in the wine world. Located in Modesto, CA, E. & J. Gallo offers employment opportunities in multiple arenas, from front-of-house customer service positions to marketing roles to wine-production jobs.

E. & J. Gallo proudly identifies as a family-owned business, and even as the company continues to expand, Gallo is determined to keep that close-knit and compassionate ethos. The wine world unfortunately suffers from a male-dominated reputation, but Gallo seeks to change that perception.

If you prioritize a company with generous policies for family leave, Gallo offers both paid and unpaid leave for mothers and fathers alike. The home offices in Modesto have designated lactation areas, and the company heartily encourages prospective employees with kids to apply for positions. Once you’re hired, E&J Gallo takes further steps to bolster the advancement of all employees, and they work to give all workers the tools to attain promotions. To that end, E. & J. Gallo established a Women Of Wine (WOW) group, with a “goal of developing and supporting female employees through networking events, mentoring, and professional development."

Christina Gomez, the director of internal audits for E. & J. Gallo, told Fairygodboss that she “loves the flexibility that I have at Gallo, which is so important when you are a woman striving to balance both a career and mom aspirations. Gallo provides me with the ability to break away from work when I need to for my mom life, and also provides an environment for great career growth and challenges when I need to break away from my mom life!”

Browse Opportunities at E. & J. Gallo.

2. Johnson & Johnson

A massive healthcare corporation headquartered in New Brunswick, NJ, Johnson & Johnson has been a household name for over a century. The company’s branches delve into several facets of the healthcare industry, from pharmaceuticals to optical to consumer products, like their famous baby powders and oils.

As a large company with significant financial resources, Johnson & Johnson has the ability to offer employee benefits that encourage a positive work-life balance. Both men and women can utilize paid and unpaid parental leave, and the company offers coaching to help new parents figure out the best leave patterns for them. Johnson & Johnson prioritizes flexible scheduling in general, making Flexible Working Arrangements (FWAs) available to employees on a case-by-case basis, and allowing for remote and part-time scheduling.

Johnson & Johnson employees left rave reviews for the company’s leave policies and worker benefits on Fairygodboss, with one HR manager praising J&J’s “great benefits and super flexible work-life balance. There are lots of opportunities to move across the organization to build upon your experience, as well as move up. There are tons of [opportunities] to build your capabilities with online and classroom trainings.”

Browse Opportunities at Johnson & Johnson.

3. PepsiCo

As one of the most significant players in the food-and-beverage consumer product space, PepsiCo claims over 260,000 employees worldwide. The company makes a strong effort to support employees with families with a wide range of benefits.

PepsiCo’s leave policies are designed to benefit employees with caregiving responsibilities, including 4 weeks of paid leave for new parents, up to 12 additional weeks of unpaid maternity/paternity leave, and up to 4 weeks paid leave for new adoptive parents. PepsiCo also offers fertility benefits and company-subsidized childcare and elder-care programs.

In addition to these benefits, PepsiCo strives for a workplace atmosphere that actively promotes gender equality. According to one sales strategy manager, they’re doing a good job.

“Women are truly supported at this company and are treated equally to men," she said.

Browse Opportunities at PepsiCo.

4. Unilever

As far as large lifestyle conglomerates are concerned, Unilever is one of the largest. It counts many of the most recognizable brands on Earth as its own, including Dove, Lipton, Tresemmé, Axe, Hellman’s, and Popsicle. To handle this sizable stable of brands and products, Unilever employs over 170,000 people worldwide, and they’ve evolved their benefit practices to serve the diverse employee pool they hope to attract.

100% of Unilever employees currently take advantage of the company’s flexible workflow, which includes remote-work opportunities and part-time positions. Unilever offers both paid and unpaid maternity and paternity leave, plus company-sponsored coaching for those who wish to use these benefits. Lactation areas are present at all company offices, and fertility treatments are included in the benefit packages. Unilever also provides on-site childcare and back-up childcare and eldercare for employees in need.

One Unilever employee took to Fairygodboss’s Community to celebrate the company’s lack of rigidity: “There's lots of flexibility at Unilever, not just on work hours but also on where and how you do your work.”

Browse Opportunities at Unilever.

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