When you’re searching for a new role at a new company, it can be a challenge to learn about the culture and workplace environment unless you know someone who currently works there. For many job seekers, hearing from a current associate can help you understand a typical experience in that work environment. To help you get a feel for some of the reasons its associates enjoy Capital One culture, hear from associates themselves. 

Brandon, Risk Process Manager: “Capital One will open up so many doors you always wanted to open or ones you didn't know existed! I’ve been at Capital One for 18 years and have had roles in many different departments, like Auto Financing and Card and on our team in the UK. It's been awesome to move between departments, try new things, see new geographies all with Capital One.”

Shreya, Finance Rotational Program associate: “Capital One allows you to be more than one thing. You’re provided the opportunity to grow into an individual that does more than the job you were hired for, which means the possibilities of your own future are endless. You truly never know where your path at Capital One will take you. The confidence and exposure I've gotten from leading our team meetings, to being called upon to lead broader team meetings, and eventually having the opportunity to present to the entire organization has helped me grow as a female leader. My communication and people leadership skills have definitely improved tremendously from that.” 

Daron, Senior Process Manager: “I've been at Capital One almost 10 years and almost every leader I have had has been very supportive and gave me opportunities to grow and present. As a person who stutters, it has made me more compassionate and a better listener. I am open about my stuttering both with my team and Senior Leadership, which allows me and them to accept my stuttering as part of who I am.”

Judith, Senior Agile Program Manager: “I have been stretched in every way imaginable in my journey from receptionist to Agile Program Lead. Learning to ask for help and delegating has opened me up to amazing opportunities in becoming an Agile Program Lead and the Lead for the VOICES Business Resource Group chapter in McLean, VA. Learning to bring my authentic self to work has been both a blessing and a hurdle that I'm finally settling in to.”

Jacqueline, Admin Team Lead: “One thing to know about Capital One is our commitment to diversity. I am connected with 4 of our Business Resource Groups as a member or ally and they are such active communities and welcome chances to connect with others. 

I also want people to know that working at Capital One has allowed me to bring my whole real self to work. I feel supported to care for myself and my family with the help of the benefits Capital One offers and the open communication with my leaders when I need time to do that. In my work, I have been encouraged to share my ideas and insights and supported with opportunities to level up and grow my career.” 

Joy, Senior Process Manager: “There are so many opportunities for learning and networking at Capital One! I have had shadowing opportunities and I take advantage of the classes that Capital One offers. I appreciate that my managers allow me to make mistakes as I grow into a new role. The Business Resource Group (BRG) opportunities are the best. I have had an opportunity to develop leadership skills that I didn't know I had by participating in BRGs. Sometimes, I am kind of shy but I will try new things. My tech managers have put high visibility projects in my hand and told me to run with it. They have also been honest with me if they felt like something was over my head. The 10/10s (weekly meetings with my manager) give me an opportunity to ask questions without shame. I am in a really good place. I tell others about the opportunities offered here and that I love what I do. I can come to work as my full self and that isn't something that a lot of people in my social circles can do. I can support Green initiatives, encourage people to educate themselves on politics in their community, promote diversity, inclusion and community all at work and still do a great job. I have the opportunity to network everyday as a somewhat introvert in a way that is meaningful to me. I use Slack as a way to start new communities that have the same interests (i.e. parenting, food, elderly care) as me. It is nothing short of amazing.”

As you can see, these associates have found the support, encouragement, and opportunities in their roles to grow and develop their careers and lives in meaningful ways to them. This is a vital part of the culture at Capital One, supporting associates to find a career journey and life balance that suits them and offering support to achieve those goals. To hear more associate stories and experiences, check out the Life at Capital One Careers blog or search for your next career opportunity in our open roles