Romy Newman

The past year was a major one for gender diversity progress in corporate America. The first Women’s March made major waves at the start of 2017, showcasing a growing movement of solidarity among women. Later in the year, the #MeToo moment threw down a much-needed gauntlet and created a level of intolerance around sexual harassment unlike any seen before. Merriam-Webster even declared the word of the year to be “feminism.” 

But whether the momentum of 2017 leaves a lasting impact on the future will depend on what we as professionals do in 2018. More than ever, women are informed, empowered and energized, and they’re ready to lead the way to change. Similarly, more men in corporate America than ever before are ready to step up as allies to women.

Sadly, great inequality still lingers in the workplace between women and men in terms of representation, promotion, pay and hiring. Progress toward improvement has been slow. But the ground game of gender diversity progress can be played and won by changing our hiring practices, and making sure we hire more women — particularly into experienced roles, where they can help make more change as managers.

So, how do we get women into these roles? Fairygodboss research has shown that female jobseekers seek different information than male ones do. While men hone in on the salary, women are far more likely to be concerned with how their work experience will play out. They want answers to questions like: Will their manager be supportive? Will they be treated and evaluated fairly? Will they be able to able to maintain a reasonable work-life balance so they can manage their family responsibilities?

Understanding the mindset of the female jobseeker is our expertise at Fairygodboss. Our audience soared to 1 million monthly unique users in January 2018, and we spend considerable time interacting with our jobseeker users so we can understand what messages and information resonate best with them. Based on our experience, here are the top seven things we at Fairygodboss think every company should do to attract more women in 2018:

1. Show that your management believes in gender diversity.

2. Show that your company is investing in gender diversity.

3. Show that women achieve leadership positions at your company.

4. Show that equal pay is your priority.

5. Show that you support families and work-life balance.

6. Offer competitive parental leave.

7. Engage and educate male allies.

How can you put these pillars into practice at your company? Check out our webinar from this past month, which will provide you with the data behind each of these recommendations, as well as identify steps you can take to move these initiatives ahead so that your company can be an employer of choice for women. The deck can be viewed here, and a recording is also available on YouTube.

If you missed the webinar and would like to learn more, we’d be happy to have a one-on-one conversation. Please reach out to [email protected] for more info.