Michele Mavi

Feeling like 2018 could be your year to get lucky? Hopefully it is. But you can’t leave it to fate. If you believe that luck is created when opportunity meets preparation, then here are seven science-backed ways to *actually* boost your luck.

1. Get Your ZZZs

Sleep is proven to be the root of good health both physically and mentally. If you’re going to be lucky you’ll be sure to want optimal energy levels to enjoy your good fortune! If you’re looking to get lucky in love, getting enough sleep is critical. It’s proven to put you in a good mood which will make you more attractive to others! You’ll also think more clearly and effectively which helps you get lucky in problem solving and making better business decisions. No way around it sleep will secure luck. 

2. Visualize Your Lucky Break

Whether its via meditation or by creating a vision board, seeing yourself achieving your goals is a scientifically proven to help you get from A-Z. Your unconscious mind will start looking for ways to get rid of the conflict between what you’re seeing and your current situation. In fact it will actually help you become more open to seeing the things that can help you achieve your goals that you may not otherwise have noticed or thought of as being significant. It doesn’t take long. Commit to a few minutes a day and see how your world opens up!

3. Declutter Your Space

It can be hard to keep your work and living space neat all the time. This can be especially true of small spaces but even larger spaces have their own challenges. Ever feel like your physical clutter is getting in the way of your mental clarity? It probably is. Your physical space, especially a cluttered one, can have a very negative impact on your energy and mood. Start clearing your space or employing some of the basic principles of Feng Shui. With a cleaner work area you’ll be able to better concentrate on the things you need to accomplish. You’ll probably also find you’re able to better visualize your future success in a neat environment.

4. Believe You are Lucky Already.

Tennessee Williams may have said it best in his famous play A Streetcar Named Desire. “Luck is believing you’re lucky.” It also happens to be scientifically proven. Studies show that those who believe that they are lucky also tended to have a higher drive to succeed than those who felt that luck was something fleeting.

5. Believe in the Power of Karma

Be giving and generous and the universe will have a way of bringing it back to you when you need it in spades. You think it’s actually coming back to you at a later time but it comes back to you instantaneously. When you give of yourself, you feel good and you instantly get a boost. No need to wait. But it does have a ripple effect and that’s become pretty evident to researchers who study how social networks impact us. Which leads to another important point…

6. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Moods are just like viruses. They are contagious and infectious. If you’re surrounded by negativity it’s likely to invade you and color your outlook on life and what’s possible. Likewise, surrounding yourself with positive people can have a tremendous impact on the way you approach challenges and choose to overcome obstacles to ensure you achieve your goals!

7. Work Real Hard!

Thomas Jefferson, one if the greatest minds of the American revolution, is attributed as having said one of the most noted quotes on the topic of luck. Though there is no proof he said it, he surely would agree with the sentiment:  "I am a great believer in luck, The harder I work, the more luck I have.” While it’s easy to look at those we believe to be lucky and think it all came easy to them; it’s hard to find evidence that whatever was achieved was done in the absence of some very hard work indeed.