Pooja Bhurke is a Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The business strategy pioneer is known for a transformational approach that not only empowers organizations to improve, grow, and compete, but also to drive positive societal impact. They are also known for their global program [email protected] It offers career development, mentorship and sponsorship opportunities, and networking programs and events for women who work at the company. Pooja says “I feel very privileged and supported as a woman in DigitalBCG.” Pooja recently shared with Fairygodboss her experiences working at BCG, how she got interested in tech, and how her involvement with [email protected] has supported and advanced her career. 

What first got you interested in pursuing a career in tech?

My father has a computer engineering background and got me hooked on to tinkering with science and technology in different forms at an early age – be it weekend chemistry experiments, coding my own games or opening up different gadgets (ranging from the toaster to tube lights) to understand how they worked. The passion for technology grew over the years which translated into a computer engineering degree and an exciting career journey in tech.

What projects or programs are you currently working on? What about this type of work most excites you?

My work at DigitalBCG ranges across the tech landscape with a focus on helping companies to transform their digital and technology journeys. I love driving to tangible and measurable impact so our clients can achieve more. 

Does your company provide any resources or programs to support women in your field?

I feel very privileged and supported as a woman in DigitalBCG. Through the very active [email protected] global program, I have a dedicated mentor who is very invested in my growth, opportunities to participate in numerous internal networking events and unparalleled access to career development resources. 

Apart from this, BCG benefits are designed around retention, with different types of flexi-leave options and additional opportunities to take blocks of time off. There is an active, open, and ongoing conversation in the company to support all employees, which I really appreciate. 

What is your favorite aspect of the culture at BCG?

BCG has provided me tremendous opportunities to grow in my two years. I love that I have been actively challenged to develop a variety of skill sets, while working on very interesting problems. The culture is very team oriented and friendly, and I love the focus and resources which the firm dedicates towards people development. 

I also appreciate the open and ongoing conversation on sustainability at the workplace via the PTO (predictability, timing and open communications) initiative, where tangible discussions to drive more predictability in schedules and ensure work satisfaction are carried out at the project team level.

What is the most memorable piece of career advice you’ve received?

Every quarter try to push yourself to do one new activity/achieve a goal, and one way to help someone else achieve their goals. 

What advice do you have for other women who are beginning a career in tech?

Keep yourself up to date on the topics you’re interested in as technology is a field which evolves at a rapid pace. Knowledge is indeed true power in this field.


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