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2 Companies With Return-to-Work Programs Women Can’t Stop Raving About

For caregivers who’ve spent time away from the workforce, navigating your way back to a career that fulfills you can be an anxiety-inducing prospect. Given the competitiveness of today’s job market, as well as the rapid-fire changes that technology renders on most industries, it’s understandable that many of those who hope to return to the careers they paused are left feeling overwhelmed. 

Thankfully, in an effort to ease the transition back into the workforce — as well as lessen the discrimination that new mothers and other caregivers can face more broadly — a new type of program is taking hold within many companies. Known as return-to-work or “returnship” programs, they’re designed to give those who have taken career breaks a leg up in their return, with specialized attention, educational initiatives, and overall confidence-boosting experience. And with more and more companies looking to lessen turnover and increase their retention rates of mothers, the quality of some of these programs has become noteworthy. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of a two companies with particularly stand-out returnship programs.

1. Johnson & Johnson

Known as Re-Ignite, the returnship program at this storied company was designed specifically with those in science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing, and design (STEM2D) roles in mind. Perks of participating in the program include: projects and benchmarks structured around your professional passions; paid on-the-job learning opportunities; support from mentors at J&J, as well as from other program alumni; and consideration for a full-time role following the program’s completion. 

Though the program is in keeping with the top-tier benefits and initiatives J&J aims at working parents — including best-in-class paid parental leave, IVF and surrogacy benefits, and backup childcare — Re-Ignite is open to more than exclusively caregivers, as well. From those who have taken a career break for military service or an entrepreneurial endeavor to folks returning from medical leave, Re-Ignite is designed to help health and tech professionals re-launch their careers in a competitive way.

Read more about Re-Ignite here.

2. Accenture

Structured as a 10-week paid internship program, Accenture offers Break|Through as a supportive career re-entry program targeted at those who have taken a minimum two-year break from management positions. Five weeks of the program are devoted exclusively to training, allowing participants ample space to focus on re-honing skills. With the first two weeks of that training built around understanding how Accenture conducts business before segueing into additional categories like soft skill development and IT acumen, Break|Through well equips participants for a shot at continued success within the consulting firm.

Read more about Break|Through here.


Fairygodboss is proud to partner with the above companies.

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