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When we think of summer, we imagine clear blue skies, stamped passports and umbrella drinks by the pool (somewhere in the shade, of course). But for some of us, that paradise doesn't exist beyond our desktop background. Cue Lana Del Ray's "Summertime Sadness." 

Working summers can propose quite a challenge to the working woman. We're tasked with anything from brainstorming outfits that are both cooling and work-appropriate, to finding someone to nanny our children for three months, to turning down midday happy hours because, well, we're at work! 

But since flowers will be leaning into the sun this summer season, you should be leaning in, too. That's why we've gathered 10 ways to help you thrive through a working summer below.

1. Rack up on summer essentials.

Let's start with your closet, by adding colorful basics and conservatively stylish pieces to your wardrobe.  Some go-to cropped pants and light neutral tops will dress you quickly and comfortably, so you won't have to break a sweat — literally.

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2. Plan a staycation.

Which is exactly like a vacation, except without the flight delays. Plan a road trip, hit the spa or catch up on a series you have on queue. Whatever you decide, find a way to bring the peace of paradise to you.

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3. Get ahead in your career.

Career development isn't reserved for New Year's resolutions and pitch-black afternoons. You can avoid summer slip and advance your career by networking, reorganizing your desk space or trying out one of these other ideas.

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4. Pick up a side gig.

Side gigs — also referred to as side hustles — can take up as little or as much time as you want them to. Practice a sport, learn a new hobby or work remotely in your spare time if you're looking to earn a little more.

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5. Book a 'momcation'.

Motherhood is demanding and can be stress-inducing. If it's feasible, plan a solo day trip or set aside a few hours for some "me time." This could be a great opportunity to reground yourself, practice self-care and indulge while you're at it.

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6. Convince your boss of 'Summer Fridays.'

'Summer Fridays' allow employees to leave early on Fridays which means you can soak in the sun and get a head start on your weekend. Before you propose this idea to leadership, make sure you've completed your week's work so you have a stronger case.

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7. Create an OOO message.

Or, snooze your emails and messages until work hours. Draw a line in the sand (summer pun!) and be clear about when you're willing and able to do work versus when you're not.

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8. Plan a stellar vacation with your PTO.

If your job gives you vacation time, skip the theme parks this year and plan something extraordinary, instead. See the world with new eyes, change your normal for just a few days and take a much-needed break from the grind.

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9. Prepare a seamless transition back to work after your vacay.

We highly recommend you book a vacation — or a staycation — or a momcation this summer. Before your vacay ends, think about ways to ease your transition back to the office. Returning mid-week or working for a half day are both reasonable considerations.

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10. And finally, keep work at work.

While you're vacationing this summer, vow to stay away from work while you do.  After all, the point of getting away is to decompress not recompress. Get ahead on work before you leave or create an agenda for your return. Whatever you choose, trade your screen time for a good book or some sightseeing in it's place.

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Don't get tide down this summer (another summer pun — did you catch it?) Sure, there's plenty of work to do this summer, but there's also much fun to be had. Which of these tips are you willing to try? Which do you already have planned? Tell us below!

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