Una Dabiero

Eva Mendes gets the working mom struggle. The actress recently talked with ABC News about how tough it is to manage two careers and two kids.

“I just struggle like every other working mother,” she said in the interview. “I have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old now...Sometimes it's just a challenge to get dressed.”

It’s pretty funny that Eva has a tough time getting dressed in the morning, because the fashionista currently designs a clothing line with New York and Company. The most recent collection was inspired by her sister and the “beautiful, diverse group” she calls family.

And Eva’s love for her family doesn’t just shine through her clothing. She says she has a hard time leaving her kids for a long day in the office. Or, erm, photoshoot. Hollywood red carpet? Who knows.

“Leaving them is hard,” she said.

"She has 'mamitis,'" Mendes explained of her oldest daughter. "Cubans say ... like, it's 'momitis,' when she wants to just be with mama."

And right now, the star doesn’t have any real advice on how to make the balance between work and motherhood any easier.

“I just struggle like every other working mother," she said. "It's so hard, and I haven't figured out the balance at all."

But at least her clothing line is now much more reflective of the real working mom experience.

“I brought in the tees,” she laughed.

So maybe there is some advice in here after all. With a good t-shirt and a sense of humor, moms can do anything. Well, maybe we can’t be Eva Mendes. Or date Ryan Gosling. But still.