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We’ve Got a New Look (And You’ll Love What It Can Do For Your Career)

No two women have the same career paths or needs. That’s why we’re so excited to announce a new Fairygodboss experience that’s uniquely customized for you. 

We’ve just launched a new site navigation layout and infinite scroll feed that make it simple to find the most valuable parts of our platform. FGB’ers can now navigate to their network, jobs, and all of the free databases and resources offered on Fairygodboss more easily. If you’re a desktop user, you’ll see a new left rail that allows you to follow the Fairygodboss Feed topics you’re most interested in, as well as select companies and jobs to follow. 

Meanwhile, your desktop right rail will feature trending content, company reviews and jobs that reflect your interests and needs. If you’re on the move, you’ll also notice these customizations on mobile. By clicking “Me,” you’ll be able to update your profile, manage connections, browse and save jobs, and personalize your Fairygodboss Feed.

Even better? Our new infinite scroll functionality lets you browse conversations, companies, and career opportunities on Fairygodboss without limit. (Because who has time for those?)

Log in to your Fairygodboss profile to see for yourself why our new look has us this jazzed, and read more about how to make the new FGB work for you.

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