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Welcome to the Fairygodboss Job Search Bootcamp!

Our mission has always been to help women succeed. And after seeing the pandemic disproportionately impact women’s careers, we’re getting more hands-on than ever to see that mission through. The best part? We want you to be a part of it. 

We received over 100 applications and handpicked six FGB’ers who will give us a glimpse into their job search journey. For the next three months — our incredible co-founders Georgene Huang and Romy Newman will be providing them free one-on-one mentorship sessions and support to them along the way.  

How to get involved: 

Each week, we will be sharing exclusive tips from Georgene and Romy on that week's dedicated topic. Our participants will also be starting conversations in FGB community on how to tackle each step of the job search process. 

Support them in getting one step closer to their dream job by sharing your wisdom, thoughts and experiences. 'Like' this page, bookmark it in your browser, follow us on Instagram and keep up with the Community Feed for for a step-by-step view of the bootcamp.

If you're on the job search yourself, you can use these resources to fuel your own job search.  Be sure to share your results in the FGB Community; we'd love to hear about your process! 

Let's get started.

Week 2: Elevator Pitches

This week, our bootcampers perfected their elevator pitches. After coaching her sessions, Fairygodboss CEO Georgene Huang shared her process for crafting a strong pitch:

"Start by defining what type of role you want and pick out two or three of your strengths that can be applied to that role. Think through your previous experiences and select one that highlights those strengths. If you've correctly matched your strengths to the role you want, then your elevator pitch will clearly articulate your expertise and give your audience a good idea of the value you can add. Finally, practice your pitch and don't be afraid to own your accomplishments — you earned them!"

Want more advice on elevator pitches and starting your job search off on the right foot? Check out the discussions below: 

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Week 3: Check back next week for discussions and advice on job search strategies!


Week 1: Introductions

It's time to meet the members of our Job Search Bootcamp cohort! This week, the cohort met for the first time and learned about one anothers' life paths and 2021 goals. 

Now, it's your turn. These are the women we will be supporting along their job search journeys. Read on to learn more about their backgrounds, what they're looking for from their careers, and what they'll be focused on learning over the next few months. 


Why did you want to be selected for the Fairygodboss Job Search Bootcamp?

"While losing my job was something I was aware could happen at any time, and certainly has been a common theme this year, I was unprepared to lose my job — and insurance — at seven months pregnant. Though every day wasn't sunshine and rainbows, I had been so fortunate for the great benefits that that job afforded — with excellent insurance for myself as I went through IVF and my first pregnancy this year, and for my husband who is battling Stage IV melanoma. I am choosing to look at this job loss as the opportunity I needed to find a new career path that brings me passion and excitement at work again. I have been on the accounts side at agencies for almost 10 years and know that my best work is done in coaching and development, so I would like to find a way to pivot towards people operations."


Why did you want to be selected for the Fairygodboss Job Search Bootcamp?

"After working at the same company for over 20 years, I find myself trying to navigate through many job descriptions to find one that matches my qualifications. I have had a few interviews, so at times I feel like I’m making progress in my job search... but still, no job offers. Online resources are extremely helpful, but I would like to connect to a reliable resource for guidance in de-stressing and moving toward the career of my dreams. I was offered the opportunity to become a Fairygodboss VIP, which I accepted with trepidation because offering my opinion to a diverse audience is not what I would normally do. It has allowed me to encourage women, which I have found to offer great satisfaction and joy.  Fairygodboss has been a lifeline for me during this time."


Why did you want to be selected for the Fairygodboss Job Search Bootcamp?

"I am the mother of an almost-three-year-old boy and have struggled to get my footing again after having him. I want him to see his Mama happy and truly present in the moment, but I feel like ever since having him, I’ve been on the job search. It takes up a lot of mental space. I feel I have just scratched the surface of my potential 12 years into my career, and I would really benefit from having someone to help me navigate this very challenging job market. I think I need to pivot, but I am not sure where to. I so want to be the woman I have always envisioned: Empowered and able to give back to my family and community."


Why did you want to be selected for the Fairygodboss Job Search Bootcamp?

"2020 has been a humbling year. I have watched the important elements of my life fall apart at the seams. I was furloughed then laid off from a job where I was highly valued and performing well. My children lost school, my elderly parents lost their freedom, and my husband lost his job. I became a teacher and caretaker. It has been truly difficult, yet somehow I remain hopeful that what lies ahead is a better version of things. I want to use this year as a transition, shifting my career path towards roles that enable me to refocus on delivering consumer strategy that helps drive better customer engagement.  Because it’s a career pivot, it’s taking some re-skilling and effort to expand my network.  I have also really struggled with my confidence despite knowing that I could bring a lot of value.  After 8 months, I feel like I’m drifting in an endless ocean. In supporting my family’s needs, my own work seems to be stalling and I would value having my own support system to help keep me on track and moving forward.  In a year where I am stretched helping so many others, I would most value getting help for myself."


Why did you want to be selected for the Fairygodboss Job Search Bootcamp?

"I'm a dedicated nonprofit professional looking to expand my database administration experience so that I can continue to support communities in need. I need help marketing my skills and myself so that I can have a more successful job search."


Why did you want to be selected for the Fairygodboss Job Search Bootcamp?

"Since being laid off due to COVID-19, I have found it extremely challenging to find my next position.  As a VP of Marketing, I am looking for a company who will value my 20+ years of experience. I need help developing a network of people who can help me land the right position."

Watch and learn more about the bootcampers here.

Feeling inspired? Leave comments of encouragement for the bootcampers here.


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