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Fairygodboss Unveils New Company Profiles

At Fairygodboss, we are experts in understanding what information is most important to female job seekers when they decide where to apply for — and accept — new jobs. As the largest career community for women, we have a unique perspective and relationship with our community of professional women.

 Our Company Profiles help businesses like Apple, JPMorgan Chase, General Motors, Cisco, and Johnson & Johnson share their brand story about why they are a great place for women to work. We’ve already seen how these profiles can significantly increase employer brand awareness and perception among female job seekers. Now, we are excited to announce that we’ve made significant product enhancements to our employer profile pages. 

Research from PwC shows that among female job seekers:

  • 67% check if a company has positive role models

  • 61% research whether there is diversity on the leadership team

  • 56% look to see if a company is willing to share progress on diversity 

Our new Fairygodboss Company Profiles help companies express their commitment to gender diversity, and answer these important questions with spaces to highlight:

  • A statement about why women love working at the company

  • Profiles of key female executives and managers

  • Key job postings

  • Featured employee reviews

  • A social media feed

  • Photos and video that are important to your brand

The clean, bright new design and easy-to-use navigation helps the company tell its diversity story, while also presenting an invaluable tool to female job seekers.
At Fairygodboss, we remain committed to making it easier and more cost effective for companies to attract great female talent.
Ready to learn more about Fairygodboss, and how we can help your business share why it’s a great place for women? Visit Fairygodboss for Employers for more information.

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