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Grow Your Network With These Easy Profile Updates

You’ve already helped Fairygodboss become the largest career community for women and now, we want to make your experience even better. Our new, enhanced profile features make it easier than ever to showcase who you are and grow your network in the FGB Community. By letting us know your interests, profession, location and more, we’ll be able to recommend groups, jobs and connections. And don’t worry, no matter how detailed your profile is, you still always have the option to post anonymously! 

Keep reading for the inside scoop on how to set up your enhanced FGB profile!

1. Navigating to your profile

In order to edit your profile, you’ll need to navigate to your profile page. Click the “Me” icon in the upper right corner of your navigation and select “My Profile.” Once there, you’ll be able to edit and update. 

2. Making your profile pop

Let’s start editing! Be sure to add your profile photo if you haven’t already. You can now also add a background image to your profile. 

Click the “edit” button and select the image you’d like to upload. You can also add a brief bio or personal tagline, your current job title, your location and your years of experience. 

3. Growing your network

Our brand new “Connect With Me” section lets you advertise why FGB’ers should connect with you.If you’re looking to connect with other FGB’ers, you can invite them to connect directly from their profile page by selecting “Connect” in this section.

On the right of your profile, you’ll be able to keep track of your connections, posts, comments, likes and profile views. 

You’ll also be able to access all of your connections in the “My Connections” section of your profile. By hovering over your connection’s profile picture, you’ll be able to message them, invite them to join a group or view their profile directly. Even better, you can also see their skills and interests to get the conversation going!

4. Bragging

The FGB Community wants to celebrate your wins, and our new profile updates give you the space to showcase your talents, achievements and interests. You can add a more in-depth biography and a link to your website, professional profile or social media account, and start exploring your recommended connections

You can also let the FGB Community know about your skills and interests, which will soon help power your recommended FGB groups. And if you haven’t already, be sure to select the topics you want to follow so your FGB feed is even more personalized. We recommend following at least three topics for the best experience! 

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