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Happy Birthday To Us!
Creative Commons

Dear Fairygodboss Community,

In our “spare” time, Romy and I frequent the toddler birthday party circuit (oh, the glamour!), so we know the importance of celebrating milestones. We recently turned 1 and today we’re taking a moment to reflect on the mad whirlwind of our first year.

The Highlights:

What’s in a name? Love it or hate it, we still get double-takes (“A Fairy-what??”). Luckily, this “baby” doesn’t have any feelings (and incredible user traction means we’re over it).

We love the thousands of Facebook comments, emails, Twitter DMs, confessions and reviews you’ve shared. Those of you wearing our tote bags are our super sharers and we should have asked for your selfies on Instagram -- P.S. It’s not too late to post them!

Our community is lucky, unlucky, white collar, blue collar -- but most importantly you are balanced and fair. Yes, reviewers are "special" (but only in the best way)!

We’ve recruited a wonderful panel of smart, passionate advisors -- and we’re proud we’re building this incredible family within our larger community.

The Swiss Alps are really cold in February, and live TV is really fun. We love that Fairygodboss has taken us to new and unexpected places!

Some employers really care about making the workplace better and you’ll be meeting some of these companies soon -- We’ll be mixing and matching your crowdsourced goodies with official employer info.

We couldn’t have done it without all of you, dear readers, so our birthday wish is that YOU have an amazing and happy year filled with happiness --- and the career you want!

P.S. We know we're an anonymous community but for those of you who want to see what some true #Fairygodbosses look like, we've recently launched a "Fairygodboss of the Week" series celebrating women who help other women!

Georgene and Romy


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