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The Unexpected Reasons Women Are Happiest At These Healthcare Companies
Taylor Tobin

Women represent close to 80% of the healthcare workforce, yet in far too many company cultures, their value continues to go underappreciated. 

It’s important for female professionals in the field to do their research and seek out companies that promote gender diversity, offer pay and benefits that help them retain women, and make a point of promoting women into leadership positions. Today, at least a couple of companies are excelling in all of these areas — check them out below!

1. Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific specializes in the manufacturing of medical devices, and it’s also well-known for its excellent policies for working mothers. In fact, Working Mother counted Boston Scientific among its 100 Best Companies in 2017

FGB'ers agree that Boston Scientific prioritizes the success of working parents (not just moms!), with one pointing out that Boston Scientific’s parental leave consists of “12 weeks paid maternity leave and 4 weeks paid paternity leave.” A second FGB'er praised Boston Scientific’s willingness to talk to employees and gather information on how to best serve its female workforce, saying that “ lots of enthusiasm and research [goes] into how BSC develops women, how we appreciate the variety of lives our female employees lead, etc…”

Boston Scientific is hiring now! Browse Opportunities.

2. Johnson & Johnson

A massive multinational corporation producing consumer goods and pharmaceutical products, Johnson & Johnson wants to empower its female employees to pursue leadership positions. 

In fact, Johnson & Johnson boasts a 43% rate of female managers, and the company implements a Women’s Leadership Initiative to encourage more women to rise into upper-level roles. FGB'ers believe that Johnson & Johnson makes a genuine effort to employ a gender-diverse workforce, with one claiming that “I don't feel that gender [has ever been] a barrier [to] my career opportunities.” Another points out the company’s strong family-leave policies and emphasis on diverse hiring practices: “They are wonderful when it comes to diversity and women’s rights. They just increased the paid maternal and paternal leave. I have seen first-hand [that] people [can take necessary] leave for 6 months and come back with no impact to their growth in the company.”

Johnson & Johnson is hiring now! Browse Opportunities.


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