How to Quick Apply on Fairygodboss
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How to Quick Apply on Fairygodboss

Applying for jobs is so time consuming — and it can be disappointing to feel like you end up in an application black hole.  But what if we told you that you can apply to jobs on Fairygodboss with one, easy click and always know where you stand in the application process? We’re thrilled to share that you can now apply with select companies using your professional profile with our quick apply feature. It’ll save you time getting in front of recruiters and you’ll always know where you stand with your application by receiving real-time updates. Here's how to use it:

1. If you don’t have a professional profile yet, head to https://fairygodboss.com/users/job-profile and create yours today. You’ll need one in order to quick apply.

2. Once your professional profile is ready to go, you can filter your job search to see which companies are partnering with Fairygodboss to offer quick apply. (Don’t see your dream company listed? Keep reading to find out how you can request quick apply!)

3. Now that you’ve found your dream role, you can easily apply by clicking “quick apply” directly from the job description page. Your professional profile will be submitted to the company’s recruiters. 

If the role isn’t with a company using quick apply, you can let them know they should add it by clicking “request quick apply."

4. After you quick apply, you can message the company’s recruiters using the “send a message” button on the jobs description page. You’re also able to message them from any of their companies job description pages at any time. You can access your current open chat rooms by going to your messages page and clicking on the “Hiring Companies” tab.

What happens next?

After you use quick apply, we’ll keep you updated on your application status by email and you can also visit the quick applies tab on your job activity page to check your status and view saved jobs. Here is what each status means:

  • Application Submitted: you successfully submitted your professional profile for consideration 

  • Application Archived: the hiring company did not view your application in 30 days

  • Application Declined: you are no longer being considered for the role

  • Job Expired: the job posting was taken down by the hiring company

Be sure to check your settings page to set the frequency with which you receive news about your application and messages from recruiters via email. You’ll also receive alerts via the bell on your navigation bar when hiring companies view your professional profile or save it. 

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