Emily Long

The steps required to find or change employment can feel overwhelming: update your resume, write a cover letter, attend networking nights — oh, and actually find and apply to a position that matches your skills and interests. 

While there are many great tools for job seekers online — FairyGodBoss even has a job listing search — many of us spend far more time on our mobile devices than at our desks. Find your dream job on the go using one of these six apps.

JobSearch by ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter’s mobile app is among the highest-rated business apps for both iOS and Android — it’s also one of the simplest. Enter your location, keyword, or job title into the search function, review and save a list of openings, apply through the app, and see when your resume has been viewed. Without a lot of bells and whistles, JobSearch is a great tool if you know what type of opening you are looking for. 


Glassdoor’s unique hook is its wealth of salary information and company reviews from past and present employees. If you are looking to get an idea of not only a particular role, but the experience of working at a company, what you can expect for compensation, and even what interview questions to expect, Glassdoor is a great place to start. The “Know Your Worth” tool drills down into the market value of your skills compared to the average in your field — the app also allows you to follow companies and search and save job postings. It is available on iOS and Android


Most apps match you to openings based purely on the job title or skill you search for — Good&Co helps you find the right fit based on your personality. Answer a series of questions about your preferences to see your “Unique Strengths” (detail-oriented, abstract thinker, and innovative, for example) and take quizzes like “How Do You Come Across to Others” to match with companies that have compatible cultures. While you can’t apply to jobs through the app, you can view postings and click through to access them on external sites. Good&Co is highly reviewed on both iOS and Android

LinkedIn & LinkedIn Job Search

If you’ve ever done any kind of career research, you’ve likely come across LinkedIn. The platform is a great tool for both networking and job hunting, as users can follow and message other professionals and search, save, and even apply for jobs using the Easy Apply feature. Pro tip: Even if you don’t use LinkedIn for your job search, keep your profile up-to-date — 87 percent of recruiters use the platform to evaluate potential hires. LinkedIn’s web interface is easy to use, and apps are available for iOS and Android

Indeed Job Search

Like LinkedIn, Indeed allows job seekers to apply directly to listed positions with an uploaded, imported, or created resume. Indeed’s database contains over 16 million jobs — there are a lot of features and information packed into this app, and it can get overwhelming if you are just casually browsing open positions. However, the search tool uses your phone’s location to pull up nearby full-time, part-time, freelance, contract, and internship work, and users report it returns more relevant results than some other platforms. Indeed gets high marks on both iOS and Android


While many job search apps focus heavily on full-time positions, Snagajob is primarily for hourly, part-time, and entry-level opportunities. Many jobs fall in the restaurant, retail, customer service, security, administrative, and seasonal industries, so students, recent grads, and those looking for flexible or supplemental work will find options here. Like Good&Co, the app has personality quizzes to match job seekers with companies and positions. Link your social profiles, and apply to opportunities directly from the app. Available on iOS and Android


Switch is a new kind of job marketplace, bringing you positions based on your skills and experience and allowing you to apply from your phone with nothing but a swipe. It's like Tinder for jobs. Just import your professional profile from social media and browse and apply at your own pace. Your identity will only be revealed after you match with an employer and, unlike the major job boards’ mobile apps, Switch is completely mobile. The only downside is that the app is still in its early stages, so it doesn't have the same breadth of jobs that you might find on other major job site apps. Download on iOS. Android coming soon.

Simply Hired

This job aggregator recently added features that allow job seekers to sort their job searches by date and relevance, in an effort to relieve them from endless job scrolling. The homepage boasts job seekers' recent searches and it is easy to save and share jobs, which makes it an especially easy to use app. Plus, some jobs allow one-touch mobile applications, while others require you to upload a resume and even a cover letter. The app is search-based, so candidates have to find relevant jobs rather than have them delivered, but the user experience is ideal for those who are easily overwhelmed by the abyss that is the internet. Download on iOS.

cPro Craigslist Free Client

OK, Craigslist isn't only for spare apartments or quick gigs. It does deserve some praise being one of the first places to find short- and long-term employment. And, despite all the other job apps out there, Craigslist still remains a crucial marketplace for jobs. Through the app, you can set your preferences and browse everything from contract gigs to full-time positions easily. Unfortunately, you cannot apply through the app, but it is simple to respond to the poster by offering call, text and email options. And you can also "favorite" jobs you love and share them with others. Download on iOS or on Android.

Monster App

In addition to finding the latest job postings from Monster.com, this free app allows job seekers to take their Monster.com accounts with them on the go. This way they can apply directly to new listings right from their mobile devices. And the thing about Monster is that it holds onto your resume and shows it to employers, so they can find you, too. Download it here.


JobCompass uses the iPhone’s GPS to find open positions within a given radius of the area you are in — it's populares only the jobs that are near you, so if you're not looking to up and relocate for a new position anytime soon, it gets you. In addition to providing job description information, it also allows you to apply directly from your phone. And, unlike most job search apps, it also offers salary comparisons for hundreds of occupations, LinkedIn account integration to help you take advantage of your network and job search advice from top career experts. Download it here.


OK, Facebook isn't recognized as being a job search platform or a job search app. But it is recognized for connecting people from all across the globe. And the iPhone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. So download it and start a conversation with your network to let them know that you're seeking a new jobs. Share content with your network, check your friends’ status updates if they know anyone hiring in their companies (a lot of times people will post about job openings) or leverage your network for new opportunities. If you know someone who works for a company you're for which you're interested in working, reach out. Ask them if you could email them your resume or if you could sit to chat about their work. However you choose to use it, Facebook can be a helpful tool. Download it here for IOS and here for Android.

When it comes to your job hunt, knowledge is power. In addition to reading the descriptions of the jobs for which you're applying — and perhaps taking a few personality match tests — research common skills employees in your industry are expected to possess. For example, IT jobs usually require attention to detail and analytical thinking, while successful PR pros are creative and have strong communication skills. Read up on your chosen industry, review similar job listings and the job listings in other companies to compare salaries, and reach out to employees who already work in your field so you can put your best foot forward.