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One Foot Out the Door

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Over 2/3 of young women in the workplace have one foot out the door, when it comes to their current jobs.

This is one of the headline findings of a recent Millennial Survey by Deloitte based on 7,700 respondents who worked in 29 different countries for large private-sector employers (i.e. companies with 100+ employees).

While a similar number of men said that they would likely leave their employer within the next 5 years, almost 50% of young women observed that they were "being overlooked for potential leadership positions".

In terms of employees care about, Deloitte also found certain differences between what men and women valued in terms of their careers: women ranked flexible working, deriving meaning from work, work-life balance and overall company culture as more important than their male counterparts who ranked an employer's products and performance to be more important than women.

These findings aren't a huge surprise given what we've found at Fairygodboss about what makes women happy at work. When we recently analyzed womens' job satisfaction in our community, we found a strong relationship between women who said they enjoyed good work-life balance and those who were very satisfied with their jobs.

The bottom line? Employers who are interested in retaining and attracting female talent should be wary of applying a one-size-fits-all approach in their company's culture and policies.


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