It's hard to think of a celebrity who is more glamorous than Priyanka Chopra. The beauty queen/actress/all-around superstar always looks fabulous — probably because she follows her own fashion advice. 

While you may think Chopra's style tip would be something totally unattainable — like always wear Dior or something shiny — her best advice is both down-to-earth and evergreen. In an interview with PeopleStyle, she said being comfortable and confident is the no. 1 way to look your best. 

"I am not someone who is like, ‘I want to break the internet with what I am wearing!’ I don’t think like that,” she said. “I wear what I feel, and I need to feel my best in what I wear. I decide on my clothes based on that. I’ve had lot of great reviews for what I wear but I really don’t wear my clothes for that reason. I pick outfits to feel the best that I can feel and I think that’s the only way to wear clothes. You can’t overthink it."

Whether you're stepping out for a first date, a job interview or just a day on the town, confidence goes a long way. And like Priyanka suggested, choosing an outfit that makes you feel good is the best way to dazzle any crowd, even if that means wearing flats and a backpack. 

"Quintessential Priyanka would be a great pair of jeans, some solid shoes, an amazing backpack, a jacket and you’re out the door!," she said. 

So, if you were looking for the perfect excuse to throw away all your uncomfortable high heels, here it is. The queen of good style has spoken. Just be sure to check the work environment you're interviewing in before you roll in wearing jeans. Otherwise, this is Grade-A advice. 

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