Whether you’ve been job searching for months or you’re casually scoping out your next career move, one thing is clear: the process is bound to be challenging. From researching companies and jobs to crafting your resume and cover letter — and then sending off your application into what feels like outer space — navigating career changes involves a lot of moving parts and unknowns.

Luckily, though, there are some surefire ways to ensure your job search will be as efficient and fruitful as possible. Before you send off your next job application email, invest some time in these five strategies:

1. Do your research.  

Landing a new job is exciting, but realizing you chose the wrong job or company is not. Check out what other women have to say about what it’s like to work at the companies you’re considering (and anonymously review your own work experience while you’re at it!).

You should also use the Fairygodboss salary database, maternity leave database, and work-life balance guide to gather as much info as possible on the pay, benefits, and flexibility you might be offered at particular employers.

2. Consult a career coach.

You can even do it for free if you make an appointment (before June 13) with a career coach from Maven, a digital clinic that empowers women with expert, convenient, and compassionate healthcare. You can video chat directly from your phone and get advice on taking your career to the next level, tips on how to ask for a promotion, strategies for salary negotiation, and pointers for finding mom-work balance. (Use the code FAIRYGODBOSS to book your free appointment before June 13!)

3. Browse jobs in the right places.

There’s no shortage of sites where you can look for jobs. But if you want to find companies that treat women well, be sure to check out the jobs board on Fairygodboss, where you’ll find opportunities at companies — all hiring now — that care a lot about advancing gender equality in the workplace.

And don’t miss the Fairygodboss list of top-rated companies for women — it’s derived entirely from employee reviews!

4. Up your networking game.

You probably hate networking — most of us do. This trick will help.

5. Finally, consult this checklist. You’ll thank us later.