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The #1 Way to Recruit and Retain Women That Most Employers Overlook
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Most employers today will tell you they believe in advancing gender equality, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re taking the right steps — let alone any steps — to achieve parity. Some have a hard time prioritizing long term goals in the face of what feels like more pressing hiring needs, some might fail to understand or recognize the business case for gender diversity, and some — even the best-intentioned employers — simply can’t figure out how to effectively recruit and retain more women. 

The missing link for many of these companies is simple: storytelling. “Why Storytelling in Recruitment Marketing Will Achieve Gender Equality at Work,” a new ebook co-authored by Fairygodboss and Stories Incorporated, takes a deep dive into why stories are crucial to recruiters’ success — and how talent acquisition teams can easily pull from accessible resources to produce narratives that will appeal to female talent. 

In the ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Why stories and storytelling are so important for creating a more human and personalized recruiting process throughout the entire candidate journey. 

  • What women in the workforce are truly looking for in their next role and how to best highlight company benefits to better share those benefits with women on the job hunt.

  • Why companies should highlight women’s stories, and give a voice to groups who are underrepresented in the media and beyond. 

As the authors write, recruitment marketers and employer branding professionals are “in the unique position of having a treasure trove of story content at their fingertips: the experiences of their fellow employees. Candidates are three times more likely to trust company employees than the company itself to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there.” 

In fact, in one recent survey where participants were asked the question “Which spokesperson is most credible for a brand?”, 59% percent of people responded, “A person like yourself.”  Thus, if companies want to recruit more women, the most effective way for them to do so is by highlighting the women already working there through storytelling.

To learn more about storytelling as a means of recruiting women and advancing gender equality in your workplace, access the full ebook (for free!) here: Why Storytelling in Recruitment Marketing Will Achieve Gender Equality at Work.” 

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