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The Funniest Reviews on Fairygodboss in 2015

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Gender equality is serious stuff, but sometimes what women say at Fairygodboss might give you a chuckle.

1. When swag goes wrong:

"My advice to women thinking about working here is to stay away unless you know that children aren't in your plans. Women who have children while employed here are marginalized upon returning from leave - Flextime isn't allowed. They do give you [company branded] picture frame though when you have a baby.  So that's something..."

2. We don't post suspicious reviews and fake reviews are pretty obvious to spot.

This one is written by "International Playboy" about Roosh V Forum (described as a  "Fight-Club like think-tank and message board for men").

"This is a brutal place for women to work. Its a mostly male staff there and I have to deal with them talking about "Feminine Women" all day and endure grunts of "Would bang" to every woman walking by on the street or appearing in a picture. That plus, they have a power lifting gym in the lunch room. What am I supposed to do with a squat rack where the smallest plates are 100 lbs? Its hard to get work done with weights smashing in the background.  Plus, the break room is only stocked with apple cider vinegar, zinc supplements and coconut oil.  The only maternity benefit they offered was a free paternity test for the father."

3.  Dress codes can matter (sorry, Ann Inc.).

"I suspect much of my enjoyment working [here] is due to being in a small operations/development office rather than in one of the huge campus buildings. If I had to Ann Taylor my satisfaction would be much lower."

"There is a huge emphasis on personal appearance (even for those not in front of the camera)...Going to work, even as an intern, felt like a fashion show everyday."

4. Sometimes the humor is not intentional:

Job title: "English teachee". [sic]

5. Straight out of Dilbert.

These last three could almost be straight out of a Dilbert cartoon or Office episode (yes we know we're dating ourselves).

"As long as you are willing to work 2400+ per year, the leadership generally treats women fairly."

"[Company] is very unsupportive of maternity leave. Example: Upon returning to work, I received an email from our HR contact stating, "1. Verify you returned to work today. 2 Submit a MD note confirming your ability to return to work. 3. Today is Oct. 7 and the pay-period for the 15th is already closed, so you won't see any pay until Oct. 30."

"There is no code review. If you write code that can be written better, the reason given is simply a "This is just terrible. I don't want to make you feel bad, but you need to really understand that this is TERRIBLE code."


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