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The No. 1 Thing That Keeps Me Excited to Come Into Work Everyday
Photo Courtesy of Wells Fargo.

For some people, reaching a long-term career goal is what gets them out of bed in the morning. For others, it’s a paycheck they can count on to live their best lives outside of work. But for one recruiting leader, it’s the “culture of caring” at her company that makes her most excited to come to work.

As the Senior Vice President Recruiting Leader of Enterprise Functions for Wells Fargo, Beth Causey describes the culture as one that deeply considers “the people that are here and what they need in order to be successful.” This value has enriched her long-standing career at the company, beginning with the recruitment role she landed just two weeks after graduating college and continuing into her current leadership role, where she leads a team of approximately 140 recruiters.

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In a recent episode of “Working at Wells Fargo,” Causey shared one of the most exciting aspects of her leadership role: supporting her team as they match businesses in their search for top talent with passionate candidates at different stages in their careers. Every recruiter on her team builds a unique relationship with each candidate, which involves asking them about their skills and interests, as well as discussing their short- and long-term goals. With this information, Causey’s team is able to help pair them with the best companies that can offer valuable growth and development opportunities for them.

As a successful leader of talent acquisition, she also encourages her team of recruiters in the enterprise functions sector to build genuine relationships with job seekers and business.  This enables them to effectively source, screen and fill open roles. Causey makes sure she supports her team throughout this process by “creating new strategies for how they can identify talent, making sure that their advertising is appropriate and that they’re bringing in individuals who have that skill set.” The enterprise functions team is always on the lookout, she said, and they’re “hiring like crazy” for top talent in roles like human resources, communications, audit, legal and tech. 

When applying for a role at Wells Fargo, Causey says “you can expect to have a pretty robust conversation” about your work experience, what you’re looking for in a role and the benefits that most interest you with a recruiter on the team. And ultimately, it’s “setting up an environment where people want to be there and want to succeed” that has helped her find success in her role. 

You can listen to the full podcast episode here


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