The Zoom call is the new classroom, cubicle, bar and best friend's house. And as a result, we're all trying to make it a little more fun than staring at our living room wall. Setting fun (and sometimes outrageous) Zoom backgrounds is the latest craze in isolation entertainment, but are you having a hard time finding one that's just right? Let us — or, uhm, the stars — be your guide. Keep reading to spice up your conference call and express your personality with the perfect Zoom background for your zodiac sign. 

Aries: A conversation starter. 

Aries, you love to bring the party. Do it on Zoom by making your background a conversation starter. A joke, pun or pop culture reference is sure to get the good times rolling, especially if you use the background below! 

Photo: Canva

Taurus: Something cozy.

Taurus, there's nothing you love more than your creature comforts. Put yourself in your happy place by using a Zoom background that feels cozy, like this log cabin look. The more fireplaces and wood finishes, the better. 

Photo: Hygge and West via StyleCaster

Gemini: Something trendy and colorful.

Gemini, your bright and bubbly personality deserves a Zoom background that matches. Go with a fun, colorful pattern to bring your energy to the group chat.

Photo: Canva

Cancer: Something sentimental. 

Cancer, your emotions run your world. Try something that reminds you of happy, carefree times — something sentimental and sweet like this Disney castle background!

Photo: Pocket lint

Leo: Something that puts you center stage.

Leo, there's no question that you love being the center of attention, so a stage backdrop is perfect for you. Get ready to work your model moves and remind everyone who's the star of the show — lights, camera, action!

Photo: Fairygodboss

Virgo: Something aspirational.

Virgo, nothing makes you feel better than having your life together; You're always looking to improve yourself and your surroundings. Thankfully, with Zoom, you can always feel like you have the perfect setup. Try using a background like this one of an stylish, perfectly organized and aesthetically pleasing room. It's the perfect way to soothe your perfectionism. 

Photo: Modsy via StyleCaster

Libra: A motivational or happy quote.

You thrive on making other people feel good. Your supportive, friendly personality is something you prize, so showing off a motivational or happy quote via Zoom is the perfect scenario for you! As an example, this backdrop reminds people you're there for them in a perfectly Libra (and super cheesy) way. 

Photo: Fairygodboss

Scorpio: Something subtle. 

Scorpio, you have an understated, mysterious personality. You're not one to wear your heart on your sleeve — or to wear a super distracting Zoom background. Go for a cute pattern or subtle color-scape like the one below. 

Photo: CanvaSagittarius: Something adventurous. 

Sagittarius, you would rather be on a plane or a train or a boat right now, am I right? Express your dominant adventurous side by setting a Zoom background inspired by your dream vacation spot. Here's a background of Cinque Terre in Italy to get you started. 

Photo: Ananthan Loggi via Unsplash

Capricorn: Something just really realistic.

Capricorn, something we love about you is your rationality and the sarcasm that blooms from it. Backgrounds that let you make yourself into a sarcastic comment are the perfect way to express your dark humor. And that humor gives us the laughs we desperately need. Try out a background like this one that makes you into the "It's Fine" meme

Photo: Pocket lint

Aquarius: Something quirky.

Aquarius, you're a free thinker — and it's no secret you like to have fun. A random, silly Zoom background is the perfect match for your random, silly spirit. Here's a fry one we especially like. 

Photo: Rachel Johnson via Cosmopolitan

Pisces: Something artistic. 

Pisces, you're always looking for creative inspiration — it's what fuels you. Feel inspired (and bring some inspiration to your teammates) by setting an artistic Zoom background like the library below.

Photo: Hieu Vu Minh via Unsplash