After nearly a century’s worth of protest, women in the United States officially won the right to vote — thanks to the influence of a mother over her son, no less — with the adoption of the 19th Amendment on August 26, 1920. 

Ninety-eight years later, we recognize this pivotal moment by honoring August 26th as Women’s Equality Day. But even as we pay tribute to the struggle and accomplishments of the suffragists who campaigned for this right, it’s important that we recognize we’re not living in an equal world yet.

So, what would an equal world, for all people, look like? We spent a day in New York City asking people on the street: What does equality mean to you? Check out their responses below, and weigh in on the convo yourself!



It wasn't only people on the street who had opinions to share about the meaning of equality, though. Members of the FGB community mulled over the question, too — and some of their answers were seriously thought-provoking. Check out a few of our fave empowering responses below, and join the conversation by adding your own thoughts while you're at it!

FGB'ers answer: What does equality mean to you?

"To me, women's equality is all about ensuring that women have access to the same opportunities and freedoms that men enjoy — which means eliminating the biases, whether conscious or unconscious, that tend to thwart women in the workplace, in politics, in the classroom, at home, etc. It also means eliminating the kinds of biases that hinder men from taking on equal responsibilities at home/with the family."

"For me, it means having the freedom to be your full self."

"Women's equality means that women are BELIEVED — that there is equal-standing in the way we perceive people and their stories, and that we all work to recognize and eliminate the unconscious bias that leads us to discredit and undermine women to this day."

"It means that my future daughter won't be told something she's passionate about or interested in is 'for boys' like I was."

"It means agency for women, and that women are able to feel total ownership of their lives, minds, and bodies. For example, it means that women don't have to feel fear when doing something as simple as walking down the street at desk. Equality can only be present when fear isn't."


What does equality mean to you? Join the convo!