Nicole Sheinzok via Working Mother

A manager's reaction to a female employee getting sexually harassed by a male patron is going viral for all the right reasons.

Reddit user Alymday, who posted to the r/TwoXChromosomes subreddit, writes that while working at a diner in a college town with other young, female servers, a male regular customer made some inappropriate, creepy and misogynistic comments to her. She recounts, "I was taking his order the day after Halloween, and he asked me if I had dressed up. I said no, and he said something close to, 'Good, you shouldn’t. It should be called slut-o-ween. I saw girls last night that looked like they needed to be sexually assaulted. They’re literally asking for it when they dress like that. I mean, it’s good that you didn’t dress like that because you seem nice, but I’m sure your boyfriend wouldn’t mind it. I know I wouldn’t if I were him. I wouldn’t want my stepdaughter to dress like that though,'" Scary Mommy reports.

Alymday says she was shocked by the comments and wasn't able to brush them off like she usually can, writing, "The fact that he took it to such a grossly personal level was too much. It just felt dirty." She was so uncomfortable, she writes that after the transaction was complete, she walked away and hid in the back until he left. She also made one of her male coworkers bring him his food, and didn't let any of the other girls near him, since they were both only 16.

When the news about the incident reached her boss two days later, her boss, who knew the customer since he was a business owner at a place two blocks away, "immediately walked over there, marched straight into his store, and chewed him out, in front of his customers and all. She told him he was never welcome back, and that he was disgusting for talking to young ladies like that, especially since I easily could’ve been underage."

Now that's an amazing boss! So many managers turn a blind eye to sexual harassment in the service industry, which is already stressful to work in because of long hours and low pay; if more managers responded like this, we can imagine men thinking twice about how they treat female servers.

Alymday is well-aware that her boss is one-of-a-kind in this aspect and that she's fortunate to work for a business that truly cares for its employees. "I’ve never had a boss, let alone a business owner, stand up to a male for harassing a female employee. Over and over I’ve just gotten, 'Yeah, that’s what happens when you’re a female in customer service.' she says. "This boss, however, is so different. She said that he had no business speaking to me like that, and how disrespectful and degrading it was to me as a female and a human, and she wouldn’t stand for it. His daily business at our restaurant was not worth her employees feeling unsafe. I’ve never been happier with the business and people I work for."

Restaurants, take note.

This article originally appeared on Working Mother.