What drives you to buy art? Trying to find ways to actually help actually talented independent artists actually sell their art! <3 | Fairygodboss
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What drives you to buy art? Trying to find ways to actually help actually talented independent artists actually sell their art! <3
Hello world! I've seen so many comments from amazing people on this site I thought I would throw out a question to see if anyone has any ideas: I have recently started a business to provide IT support for artists - essentially boiling down to creating websites for them. We've structured our pricing so that we're really not making much money if they don't sell - fine by me because the intention is to help them sell art, not make gobs off them! :) Here's the fun part: I am not seeing them sell?!! I've promoted on instagram, done some SEO etc. (note: I do not have time to do a significant amount of marketing unless it will really drive sales. I WILL spend time doing something that can help them sell.) Also please note that the price points are very fair, while some a fairly high, the majority of work costs 75-500. I know its a recession so I want to be respectful to those that would say this is still a luxury good. From my brief experience - Instagram + Facebook + Art fairs/shows get many many looks but no bites. The sales tend to go to a few well-known people among the groups and the rest are overlooked. I would like some suggestions from folks or at least sharing of experiences, why/when/where you last bought art. Have you ever bought art online? What would make you more likely to buy online? A Video? Chat support? A video from the artist? Better descriptions of techniques? I want to help these folks make a living or at least feel like they are being validated - some of them are really good! Hopefully I didn't bias anyone with my comments above.
User deleted comment on 01/14/21 at 3:53AM UTC

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