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Karisa Karmali
Founder of Self-Love and Fitness
Bulking vs. shredding
If you're anything like me, you get bored with the same workout routine. I do believe in rest, but I get life-force from achieving goals. I work between a bulking plan and a shredding plan. When I "bulk", I add "volume" to my meals, I will not touch upon whether it is best to use complex carbs or simple carbs. Currently, I am in a bit of a shred phase. I follow an 80% clean, 20% fun diet; however, I find myself naturally preferring a more nutrient-dense diet for most of the week, with some exceptions. Swaps or combinations I love: • The base of the chicken Alfredo pasta that I love is a mix of regular white flour pasta and zucchini noodles. It's a way to sneak in extra veggies too. I won't compromise on the taste of the pasta, but I am reducing the portion in a NON-restrictive manner. • When I order Chipotle, I ask for half-rice, half-salad for the base. This is a swap that is barely noticeable. • When I drink excess amounts of coffee, because it happens, I match it with water to avoid being dehydrated. • When I am craving pizza, I make one (full fat, full cheese); however, I get my micro-nutrients from adding veggies as toppings. I also stay mindful of portion control. • When I crave something sweet like a full gallon of ice-cream, I eat frozen yogurt instead. This is one swap that does not make me feel deprived of all of the enjoyable foods on the planet. When there is no feeling of total deprivation, the lifestyle changes ACTUALLY stick. That being said, devotion and dedication to conscious eating are crucial. I hope this helps you see that you can still live your life, while working towards your fitness goals. I am simply sharing what works for me, in an effort to inspire others to do what feels right and in alignment for them. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and the best results come from being in ALIGNMENT with yourself and what suits your lifestyle / preferences.

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