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Kayla Faccilongo
Opera Singer | Creative Life & Mindset Coach
Social Media Marketing Tip
Hello Artists & Creatives! I’ve been connecting with a quite a few creatives lately and noticing some common themes when it comes to social media marketing. Because of that, I felt inclined to share one way to optimize your bio on Instagram if that’s a platform you use to promote your work or sell your services. I know how tough it can be to put yourself out there with no results and if a few shifts can make even a small difference, I’m happy to help. 1. Creating a business account will allow you to specify your title (artist, musician, writer, etc) 2. You want to have your name, what you do, who your services are for, and what you help them do. Or if you’re sharing art, content, or a portfolio of some sort, specify your style and mission as a creative (if you create for a specific audience, include that as well; ex: kids, millennials, busy moms, etc.) 3. Always have a call to action and a link to where people can find you and buy your product or service. Some mock examples: Jane Smith, Copywriter [Business Category: Product/Service] I help artists add color to their messaging so they can make more money online Book a free consultation here [Link] Ryan Jones, Painter [Business Category: Artist] Impressionist artist bringing peace and calm to your day Check out my shop here [Link] OR Join me on Patreon for exclusive content [Link] 4. Adding your location will also help to optimize. This is something you may have been aware of but if not, please let me know if it helped! Have you ever struggled to market yourself using social media?

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