On wellness - I don't know who needs to hear this... | Fairygodboss
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Karisa Karmali
Founder of Self-Love and Fitness
On wellness - I don't know who needs to hear this...
But...  Resilience is not always feeling happy and positive. Resilience is being honest with yourself, processing all of the emotions on the spectrum as a human, and then getting back up and stronger. It is moving past the negative, rather than ignoring it and faking the rainbows and butterflies. Denying your truth to yourself can make the stress come back even stronger. Resilience is self-compassion and giving yourself grace regardless of how you feel and actually being real with yourself. Judging the validity of how you feel in any moment is absolutely not resilience. How many of us tell ourselves that we should feel happy all the time, but sometimes feeling "neutral" or "content" is good enough for that moment. I highly doubt many of us have the same coping tools we are used to and that alone can have an impact.  Self-love is not always bubble baths, it can be journaling as well. Self-love is giving yourself what you truly need in the moment, not what "wellness retail" portrays as cure-alls like candles or other stuff, but what you truly need on a mental / emotional level - which is non-judgement towards yourself.
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