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Hello everyone I have a question about leadership transition.
Recently I just transitioned to a new leader with the same position in the same job responsibilities with in and the organization. The next big step is determination is the review of our 2020 goals and the entry of by 2021 goals. This will be my first year transitioning as a permanent employee to be able to have my self a valuation and goals reviewed for bonus. More background to my story, basically I was hired as a temp in 2019 for this particular company and I became permanent back in June 2020 under my old manager. Before I came permanent I did ask her about my goals and evaluation and she told me not to worry about it we will look more into that when she became permanent. Fast forward to today after the transition neither managers mention anything about what the self evaluation in the goals of look like for 2020 or 2021 until I sent an email today. I emailed my old boss stating I need more guidance on the evaluation process since this is my first year doing it. I did my self evaluation for 2020 back in December the only feedback I received is that we would review in a one on one. I didn’t receive a response back from my old manager but my new manager scheduled a meeting 30 minutes later with all of my team members to review the goals for 2021 what should I be concerned?

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