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Hillbillies R Us
Lord. I started a new job and was fired by Noon the next day. I interviewed at the main office. I got hired on and was told I'd be going to the other office about 50+ miles (almost an hour commute) to "call on clients." After onboarding was told to expect to be there at the other office twice a week and sent over the next day for training. And was given a desk!!!! First off, the one training me gets into an argument with another woman in the office within minutes of getting started. It was loud. My STARS! AWKWARD A-F. Then gives me this longwinded tour of a six story building that truly should have been: bathroom, HR, other departments, that's it. The day before I'd been given tour of another building and it was A LOT. Instead I got the courtesy of seeing another floor that had racks of baby clothes being stored in it and a dungeon for old computer equipment. WHY?!? Also, the lady's top broke and was offered a safety pin to temporarily pin it; instead she asked every female on our long tour to SEW it for her. And then later disappeared for a half hour; remember this. After the tour I asked to please be allowed to speak with HR and trainer jumps up and hollers, "WHAT YOU LEAVING US ALREADY YOU DON"T LIKE US?" And.. I'm going in to disclose a disability - so I just smiled and said, "No - I just need to speak with her. Thank you." Then she goes on to tell me I'm expected to be there twice a week; that's not what was told. And I had another employee disputing things she was saying in an open office space. She had nothing prepared for me and brought me over to her desk to train and told me so; I went back to my desk and tried to log in. I had issues with doing so to check email and had to have IT fix my log in. Computer keyboard was different and worked on a one number off sequence then timed out. I have ADHD; I mumble to myself if things are too loud and the woman kept saying, "WHAT?!?!?" And I kept trying to explain it's just me. Then I went into another office where I received training and the lady was very nice. I think I got it down; and sat there eating her desk snacks for guests bc I had skipped breakfast; skipped dinner and had to borrow money to get there. All I could think of was .... I can't believe I borrowed money for this job. Phone rings and I'm asked to report to the main office - mind you no lunch. They asked me what was wrong with me and why I was incoherent when spoken to. And did I want this job? I said, "Look I'm not incoherent; I was going to report an ADHD disability at 2 pm today and I was just curious about getting paid for mileage. If you're already calling me in DAY 2 - with complaints... I don't think this is going to work." They told me to go home. I honestly think the Hillybilly sisters thought they were going to get into trouble and decided to report me as drunk or some other craziness. No Thank You.
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1 Comment

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