Today was a mental health break day. Instead of searching for a new position, reaching out to people, interacting on LinkedIn, Fairygodboss or any social media site I got physical. I cleaned my kitchen (today is it’s day) built two bookcases and a crafting table for my craft room. It felt good to not worry about a job, someone’s else’s feelings, or what I was going to do next. Sometimes it’s just needed. PS...I wish there was an app for this page. | Fairygodboss
Mystery Woman
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Laney Balis
Customer Success Manager
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Patricia M. Velez
Energetic Marketing Professional in Fort Worth.
That is great Laney! Sometimes we need to disconnect to recharge our batteries and get distracted of attending virtual careers fairs, LinkedIn, attending seminars, tailoring your resume to the openings and so on. Job searching is more than a full time job, and it can be exhausting and in top of that not knowing what is going to happen... What you did was great, looks very nice! I bet you fell different. LOL. My husband and I did house projects so we can take our minds off of what is going on and wondering the outcomes, we found it very healthy.
Cheryl J.
The "Wildly, Assertive Visionary"
Good for you Laney! Your craft room looks great btw. Very inspiring...sometimes mental health break days are needed.
Peg Bittner
retired auditor now into volunteering
I fully understand and endorse your actions 100%+. I do the same thing even today and I am now retired. When I was working I would call off and sleep the entire day. I have been know to sleep until 4pm get up have a snack till dinner, have dinner at 6 then go back to bed at 8 and sleep until 6am and got to work the next day feeling so much better. Now when I get that same feeling, I announce I am taking the day off from thinking and deciding, I just live, I let the day play out without any plans or expectations. It is amazing how well a person can feel when what I call putting their mind on a shelf and let it watch me function without it. That is what you did. You set you mind on a shelf while you clean and built things that you could do without a great deal of thinking. That is one tool to keep close. Way to go!
Elianet Oliva
Make things happen!
haha, I know the feeling Laney, it is more than a full time job, and sometimes you just need a day of cleaning to come out of it. I do the same, I feel like my weeks are 7 days of work, between learning new skills, networking, virtual career fairs, and applying for jobs, and is that sensation of not knowing and not having control over it that drains the energies. That's why sometimes I just say today let's just disconnect and let it be.