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January 1970

I've experienced sexual harassment in the workplace at Cradlepoint. The male to female ratio is probably 10 to 1 with hardly any women in leadership roles. I would not recommend Cradlepoint as an employer to a woman.

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    They need to do all of the above: promote more women into leadership positions. There is one woman in a C level (CFO) and only one team manager out of six on the sales floor. Work-life balance is non-existent. There is no flex time because they don't treat their employees like professional adults. They don't trust they're employees without micromanaging them to death. Compensation is probably the worst I've experienced and is unfair across the company as to why some people make more than others with lesser qualifications and experience. It's very much an all boys club. There's different rules for different people. Healthcare for a family isn't affordable. I wish I had better things to say.

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