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Legal Secretary


January 1970

I worked at this firm for a couple of years and found it ironic that while they were a labor law firm treated their staff horribly. It pretty much follows your routine hierarchical law firm where the top partners demand the respect and praise of their underlings and treat staff like serfs. The pay was good so most staff put up with being talked down to and a stressful work environment for as long as they could last, which usually wasn't more than 2 years. During my 2 year stint the turnover for paralegals alone was 3. God forbid if you were a working mom with a new born and had to pump in the break room or take time off for parent teacher meetings. While not stated explicitly, the work environment made moms feel this behavior would be frowned upon.

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    Over time is not overtly required but culturally expected. If employees don't work OT a few times a week they are sidelined and not given major assignments.

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    Improve work-life balance and policies (e.g. flex-time, limit face time)

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