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January 1970

I worked at this company for 4 years and moved between roles - all of the moves lateral in terms of autonomy although they involved increased responsibility and higher pay grades. A male coworker hired at the same time went from a similar pay/status level in the organization to running an entire department in 2 years after his female manager left. In my time there the management team went from having about a 50/50 ratio of men and women to just 2 women and 7 men, despite the employee base leaning much more heavily towards women. When women tended to leave jobs, men were promoted into their roles from within. However, when men left management positions, other men were hired from outside the organization to fill the roles. Rather than train female employees in tractor driving, they often looked to hire new male employees. Male field crew workers make comments about a woman's ability to work and managers are sometimes dismissive of complaints about "joking behavior." In my time there I knew of only one female employee who took maternity leave and returned from it - others simply quit their jobs when they got pregnant or went on leave.

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    9 hours

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    None taken

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    Maybe. If you have a higher degree and are ready to play office politics to hold onto or gain autonomy

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