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January 1970

There is a perception that women are supposed to fit a certain mold: well put together, demure and fill a support role while men lead. There are limited opportunities for women to have their voices heard. You see very few women being promoted into Director and executive leadership roles. The work is great, however. It's an exciting place to work with bright colleagues, many of whom are generous with their time and talent. If you are a woman with a direct approach to conversation, you'll have to find a way to "tone it down" in order to be successful here - no matter your talent.

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    Not for Pay, Promotion, Evaluation and Reviews

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    There have been recent efforts to introduce more flexible working arrangements into the office, however, it's not enough to meet the needs of 2-working-parent-households. Associates are allowed to work from home 2 days per month. Office hours are rigid with the expectation of 8-5. If you are in at 7 and try to leave at 4, you feel like you're watched/judged.

  • Took Maternity Leave Here? (Weeks)

    None taken

    This company truly believes that a combination of Short-Term Disability and PTO is a maternity leave policy. It is not. 12 Weeks Total, assuming you've saved ALL of your PTO allotment for the year (including sick leave): 1 week PTO 5 weeks STD (paid at 60%) 4 weeks, 2 days PTO 1 week, 3 days unpaid leave Return to work with 0 days of leave

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    Promote more women into leadership positions

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