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Career Crossroads

Do you feel stuck at a career crossroads? Take a first step to gain the career clarity you crave.

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About this group

I help committed careerists who know they want support to make a plan realigning work they love with the life they wish they were living. Then act on it! What do you do when your Stuckness is your success? When you move through each day feeling like it is bankrupt of all meaning, because you don't know What Next? Seasoned professionals I work with have sometimes been been thrust onto a career crossroads they didn't choose when they've been laid off. Career grief ...Read more

Group rules

We will be compassionate, collaborative and generous as we engage and comment in this group. Not to be confused with cheerleading. Please know, I will always be honest and sometimes that may feel confronting. Any comments must be careful to come from a place of compassionate directness designed to get / keep each other in positive energy and in action. If you are missing something you need, or don't like what's happening here, please let me know soonest so we can deal ...Read more