Privacy Standards Engineer

  • Experience 5-10 Years
  • Category Privacy
  • Location Santa Clara, CA

Job Description

Privacy is a topic of global interest that cuts across platforms, architectures, and cultures. Industry standards are being defined for everything from web browsers to wireless protocols which will impact how those technologies manage sensitive data We are looking for an accomplished candidate to join Apple's User Privacy team, focused on standards.


You will represent Apple at standards bodies and trade associations, particularly in the areas of internet technologies. Advance Apple's proposals, ensure that the resulting standards are acceptable to Apple, and ensure that product teams throughout Apple are kept informed. Your interests and responsibilities will range over issues touching many product lines, including iOS, iCloud, OS X, and Windows.


Particular responsibilities include:

Coordinate with and support groups influenced by privacy standards
Perform experiments to determine privacy impact of proposed standards' requirements
Identify privacy deficiencies in existing standardized technologies
Travel regularly worldwide to standards meetings
Write contributions and present them to the standards bodies
Advocate for and educate Apple teams about privacy-related technology issues
Successful candidates will need to have capable programming skills, superb communication skills, and a passion for protecting privacy.
Creative problem solving, analytical, and deductive reasoning skills are critical for this position.
You will be working on multiple unrelated topics in any given week, so the ability to learn quickly and an excitement for new things is a must.
Ideal candidates will have prior experience with or on standards bodies.


  • Passion for user privacy
  • Knowledge of software programming
  • Great at both collaboration and independent problem solving
  • Superb written communication skills
  • Ability to track and manage numerous parallel activities
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced dynamic environment
  • BSCS or equivalent experience
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