Senior Structural Analyst


Alameda, CA


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Astra's mission is to improve life on Earth from space by creating a healthier and more connected planet. Astra delivered its first commercial payload into Earth orbit in 2021, making it the fastest company in history to reach this milestone, just five years after being founded in 2016. By achieving monthly, weekly, then daily launches, we'll create the infrastructure services our customers need in space to build a healthier and more connected planet. If you're excited by a sense of possibility, the chance to innovate, and make a difference here on Earth, we think you should work here too.

Build finite element models and/or statistical energy analysis models for use in dynamic simulations.

Perform various structural analyses required to design the product including modal, static, random vibration, transient shock, acoustic analysis.

Perform parametric design studies to improve design concepts & efficiency.

Generate test requirements (static and dynamic) as well as the overall qualification and acceptance test approach for avionics components and secondary structures.

Develop standards to be used on FEA; define tools & acceptable post-processing methods.

Execute testing (quasi-static, sine & random vibration, shock, and acoustic) from start-to-finish.

Analyze acceleration and pressure time history data from tests & flights for use in structural analysis.

Provide vehicle loads, dynamic design guidelines and requirements to mechanical designers in early phases of hardware development.

Be a key part of the engineering, analysis, and test cycle by interfacing with design and test engineers to perform analyses, conduct structural tests, interpret results, and iterate to solutions.

Help guide the selection and location of instrumentation for refining loads models based on flight and test environments.

Improve the existing analytical capabilities, processes, and tools

Develop and document the load cases and results in a clear, concise manner so that they can correlate to past analyses as well as inform future analyses.

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About the company

Industry: Aerospace

Astra’s mission is to improve life on Earth from space® by creating a healthier and more connected planet. Today, Astra offers one of the lowest cost-per-launch dedicated orbital launch services of any operational launch provider in the world, and one of the industry’s first flight-proven electric propulsion systems for satellites, Astra Spacecraft Engine™. Astra ...