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Why you should apply for a job to GE Aerospace:

  • 4.5/5 in overall job satisfaction
  • 4.5/5 in supportive management
  • 88% say women are treated fairly and equally to men
  • 88% would recommend this company to other women
  • 88% say the CEO supports gender diversity
  • Ratings are based on anonymous reviews by Fairygodboss members.


    Position summary

    a cloud environment.

    • Influence LPBs and below on their decisions.
    • Drive design and implementation of the roadmap.
    • Partner with users and product team to understand their network operational needs; translates these into a support model for multiple products.
    • Define and track KPIs.
    • Communicate operational status to users and leadership.
    • Drive resolution of escalated items.

    Minimum Qualifications: 

    • Bachelor’s degree from accredited university or college with minimum of 4 years of professional experience OR associate degree with minimum of 7 years of professional experience OR High School Diploma with minimum of 9 years of professional experience
    • 4+ years of experience in Cloud (AWS and/or Azure) and Networking

    Eligibility Requirement:

    • Legal authorization to work in the https://U.S. is required. We will not sponsor individuals for employment visas, now or in the future, for this job.

    Desired Characteristics:

    Technical Expertise:

    • Understanding of networking concepts and protocols
    • Proficiency with cloud computing platforms (AWS, Azure) as well as networking services
    • Experience with networking tools
    • Familiarity with Amazon Managed Services
    • Knowledge of scripting languages (https://e.g., Python, PowerShell) and automation frameworks (https://e.g., Ansible, Terraform)
    • Experience with identity and access management implementations and methodologies
    • Ability to analyze and recommend changes to improve reliability and compliance needs.
    • Windows system administration experience
    • A passion for staying updated with the latest security trends, emerging threats, and industry advancements.

    Soft Skills:

    • Change Agent - Proactively learns new tools and integrates new methods to drive improved outcomes. Identifies and assesses new technologies that can add value and capability to GE. Builds rapport with the team and gets buy-in for ideas. Drives stakeholder understanding and acceptance of new ideas in their business. Participates in change programs by planning implementation activities with other change champions. Implements monitoring and feedback systems. Solicits ideas for improving primary business processes.
    • Collaboration - Establishes & communicates team members' roles in relation to their function and data. Shares knowledge, power, and credit, establishing trust, credibility, and goodwill. Coordinate’s role responsibilities with that of others to achieve mutual goals. Encourages groups to work together to resolve problems. Proactively coaches and/or mentors others to improve their contribution to the team. Fosters relationship building between team members and those outside the team. Works with others to achieve goals without regard to band/title. Identifies gaps in roles on teams and is recognized for growing and distributing talent pools across the organization.
    • Comfort in Ambiguity - Identifies when additional information is needed from customer/manager/stake holder and asks relevant questions to obtain it. Delivers solution(s) where additional information may not be needed or available, while clearly stating any underlying assumptions. Communicates status. Evaluates data sets to determine possible value or steps to create value.
    • Communication - Adjusts information (https://e.g. level of complexity) and story to align with audience. Produces functional area information in sufficient detail for cross-functional teams to utilize, using presentation and storytelling concepts. Informs stakeholders of customer issues, identifies potential problems, or conflicts and resolves them when necessary. Explains the story of the rationale and benefit of their ideas. Uses relevant and appropriate presentation techniques. Responds to questions and dissent in a constructive manner. Acknowledges limitations of one’s own knowledge.
    • Consulting - Provides options and counsel. Drives dialogues that produce new perspectives and substantial innovation, enhancements, and analysis of consequences. Consults on projects to fit systems or infrastructure, and project goals to their function, and vice versa. Provides risk-assessed options in relation to process enhancement and professional expertise. Consults on data or data infrastructure development projects and identifies when necessary to modify the solution.
    • Curiosity/Creativity - Connects ideas and solutions from a broad array of sources (https://e.g., what other businesses are doing, brainstorming with others). Pilots’ new ideas and processes that have not been utilized before.
    • Decision Making & Risk Management - Analyzes and interprets business strategy, policies, values, complex data patterns and relationships to make decisions regardless of incomplete and conflicting information and uncertain consequences. Makes benchmarked and researched recommendations with contingency plans in place for potential adverse consequences; takes responsibility for consequences of decision/risk. Lobbies business partners and subject matter experts for consensus in taking action that sets direction in at least one critical business function.
    • Influence - Ensures group understanding of issues and presents rationale to affect outcomes. Resolves conflicting opinions through consensus. Uses appropriate facilitation techniques to gain agreement or move others to action.
    • Problem Solving - Identifies future roadblocks and promotes data-based problem solving. Assesses & prioritizes problems in relation to organizational goals. Coordinates team's work and performance with broader organizational objectives and manages conflicts between them. Advises others in how to solve difficult problems.

    Business Acumen:

    • Demonstrates the initiative to explore alternate technology and approaches to solving problems.
    • Skilled in breaking down problems, documenting problem statements and estimating efforts.
    • Has the ability to analyze impact of technology choices.
    • Skilled in negotiation to align stakeholders and communicate a single synthesized perspective to the scrum team. Balances value propositions for competing stakeholders.
    • Demonstrates knowledge of the competitive environment
    • Demonstrates knowledge of technologies in the market to help make buy vs build recommendations, scope MVPs, and to drive market timing decisions.


    • Influences through others; builds direct and "behind the scenes" support for ideas. Preemptively sees downstream consequences and effectively tailors influencing strategy to support a positive outcome.
    • Able to verbalize what is behind decisions and downstream implications. Continuously reflecting on success and failures to improve performance and decision-making.
    • Understands when change is needed. Participates in technical strategy planning.

    Personal Attributes:

    • Able to effectively direct and mentor others in critical thinking skills. Proactively engages with cross-functional teams to resolve issues and design solutions using critical thinking and analysis skills and best practices. Finds important patterns in seemingly unrelated information.
    • Influences and energizes other toward the common vision and goal. Maintains excitement for a process and drives to new directions of meeting the goal even when odds and setbacks render one path impassable.
    • Innovates and integrates new processes and/or technology to significantly add value to GE. Identifies how the cost of change weighs against the benefits and advises accordingly. Proactively learns new solutions and processes to address seemingly unanswerable problems.

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    GE offers a great work environment, professional development, challenging careers, and competitive compensation. GE is an Equal Opportunities Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.

    GE will only employ those who are legally authorized to work in the United States for this opening.

    Relocation Assistance Provided: No

    Why you should apply for a job to GE Aerospace:

  • 4.5/5 in overall job satisfaction
  • 4.5/5 in supportive management
  • 88% say women are treated fairly and equally to men
  • 88% would recommend this company to other women
  • 88% say the CEO supports gender diversity
  • Ratings are based on anonymous reviews by Fairygodboss members.