Environmental Engineer




Taipei, Taiwan


Position summary


Description and Requirements

Minimum Qualifications

• Bachelor's degree in environmental or electrical engineering or a related field

• 3 years of experience in Product Environmental Compliance

• Knowledge of environmental related standards and requirements, such as ErP, Energy Star, RoHS, REACH, EPEAT, LCA etc.

• Capability of English technical communication and conference

Preferred Qualifications

• Knowledge of server subsystems (CPU, memory, storage, network) is advantageous

• Knowledge of server commodity function and assembly

• Experience of operate Windows and/or Linux OS, including installation and administration

• Experience of NPI/sustaining/EV/DV project management

• Knowledge of well-known enterprise compliance requirements (e.g., MSFT, Google, Oracle, IBM etc.)


• Conduct Environmental/Eco-design Compliance evaluations, testing, certifications.

• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to address Eco-design and Sustainability requirements on products.

• Deliver Compliance requirements to suppliers and vendors, verify the data and documentation shared by suppliers and vendors.

• Work with suppliers and vendors on material/substance data collections and investigations for RoHS, REACH, TSCA, etc.

• Work with third party agencies on hazardous substances analysis and review received data and result reports.

• Engage in Eco-design/Sustainability practices, including recycled material implement, sustainable packaging design, PCF calculation, lifecycle assessment, etc.

• Keep up with worldwide/global environmental regulation and standards updates.

• Satisfy additional environmental requirements from customers.

Additional Locations:

  • Taiwan - Taipei City - Taipei