Staff Engineer, SW




Yokohama, Japan


Position summary


Description and Requirements

  • • About Organization

  • Lenovo Japan Yokohama Office (Yamato Laboratory) is core development center of ThinkPad notebook PC products, and applicant will be assigned to software development team under its organization. Applicant will be requested to develop cloud application to analyze big data collected from telemetry system, for classification, trend analysis, anomaly detection, etc.

    • Report to : Manager of ThinkPad Solution Development team
    • Subordinates : None
    • Number of Peers : 7
  • • Roles and Responsibilities

  • 1.Design, develop, and maintain cloud-based applications for data analytics.

  • 2.Implement analytics engines capable of processing and analyzing data from telemetry systems.

  • 3.Work with cloud services (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.) to deploy scalable and efficient data processing solutions.

  • 4.Optimize data retrieval, storage, and processing in a cloud environment.

  • 5.Collaborate with cross functional teams to integrate advanced algorithms and models into the analytics engine.

  • 6.Ensure security, integrity, and consistency of data.

  • 7.Monitor performance and advise on necessary infrastructure changes.

  • 8.Develop user-friendly interfaces for data visualization and interpretation.

  • 9.Stay updated with emerging trends and technologies in cloud computing and big data analytics.

  • 10.Collaborating with cross-functional teams to define AI project requirements and objectives, ensuring alignment with overall business goals.

  • • Key Interaction with:

  • • Lenovo ThinkPad development teams in Lenovo Yokohama office.

  • • Lenovo development teams in Lenovo China/USA offices.

  • • External ODM and ISV/IHV partner companies in China/Taiwan, United States

  • • Must Have - essential

  • -Experience of cloud application development

  • -Knowledge about AI/ML library (pytorch/scikit-learn/TensorFlow/Keras, etc...)

  • -Strong understandings of cloud services and infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc...)

  • -Basic knowledge of AI algorithms

  • -Basic knowledge about data science

  • -Problem debugging/analysis skill, problem solving skill.

  • -Fluent English communication skill for both written (e-mail etc.) and verbal for daily activities. (Ref: TOEIC score 600 or above)

  • -Daily Japanese conversation skill if the applicant's native language is not Japanese.

  • -Logical communication skill

Additional Locations:

  • Japan - Kanagawa - Yokohama-shi