Software Engineer - VLSI




Multiple Locations


Position summary

tiple programming languages and familiarity with data structures and algorithms but also good communication and teamwork abilities. With rapid technological advancements, software engineers must continually learn new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, to adapt to market and technological shifts. The future emphasizes specialization and innovation, with engineers skilled in advanced technologies being particularly valued.

  • Software engineers specializing in high-performance chip testing software play a critical role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency. They design and develop sophisticated software solutions capable of conducting thorough tests on various chip functionalities under diverse conditions. Using advanced coding techniques and in-depth knowledge of hardware architectures, these engineers create tools that significantly enhance the accuracy and speed of chip testing processes. Collaboration with hardware design teams is crucial, allowing for the seamless integration of software with the complex logic of semiconductor devices. Their expertise not only gives to the advancement of chip manufacturing technologies but also enables the production of high-quality electronic devices across industries.

  • Your work is to develop testing methodology softwares for dedication chips

What we need to see:

  • Master's degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Engineering, or Electrical Engineering.

  • Proficient in C++, Python, and Perl programming languages.

  • Good understanding of algorithms and their applications.

  • Familiarity with TCL/TK and QT is considered an advantage.

  • Strong English communication skills are important.

  • 2 years of experience are preferred.

  • Teamwork is the cornerstone of success in any organizational setting, especially in fields driven by creativity and innovation. It facilitates the pooling of diverse talents and perspectives, leading to more effective problem-solving and innovative solutions. Effective collaboration fosters a supportive environment where individual members feel valued and motivated to contribute their best efforts.

Ways to stand out from the crowd:

  • Love coding
  • Experiences in EDA software developments
  • Background of Verilog
  • Understanding of Design for Testing including Scan/ATPG/BIST/JTAG