SC QC Asst Supervisor




İzmir, Turkey


Position summary



  • Generate, get approval, implement the KPIs and action plans according to the company's and QC management policies and targets,

  • Generate the policies and targets according to the food safety system, attend to the updating and improvement activities of the system, implement the local and international quality standards required by PepsiCo.

  • Ensure the raw materials, concentrates, syrup and final product complies with the food safety and PepsiCo's requirements, get corrective/preventive actions to correct any situation doesn't comply with the requirements,

  • Ensure the syrup room laboratory is in standards and effectively works

  • Ensure and support the team to produce correct syrup is in accordance with the production plan

  • Collaborate with the planning department to prepare and implement the production program

  • Ensure the HFCS and granular sugar are in PepsiCo specifications, get corrective/preventive actions to correct any situation doesn't comply with the requirements and inform QC Manager

  • Ensure the sugar and syrup prepared are within the PepsiCo requirements, get corrective/preventive actions to correct any situation doesn't comply with the requirements and inform QC Manager

  • Ensure, control and sustain the records are kept at syrup room correctly and inform QC Manager in accordance to any unconformity

  • Organize and accompany the audits from 3rd parties and legal authorities and

  • Ensure syrup room process steps complies with PepsiCo and legal requirements, control and sustain the quality checks are in place in accordance with the quality plans,

  • Ensure the equipment and machines are properly maintained

  • Identify, control and plan the calibration/ verification plan to ensure the equipment are calibrated,

  • Participate and take active role to the first production and prepare sampled according to PepsiCo requirements,

  • Prepare cleaning and sanitation plans and ensure the plans are implemented at related areas in accordance with PepsiCo and GMP requirements

  • Follow up the consumer/customer complaints and inform according to the PepsiCo policies,

  • Take corrective/preventive actions for any unconformity at any step of quality system or process

  • Participate, lead and sustain the productivity projects,

  • Follow up, update and implement the legal requirements in place, inform the management team and FLE about the changes,

  • Ensure, control and sustain the integrated management system is in place,

  • Ensure GEHSMS and ISO 14001 requirements are fully applied in syrup room and implemented and follow up by syrup room team,

  • Plan the shifts of the syrup room team and follow up the performance,

  • Ensure the syrup room team works in accordance with PepsiCo's business ethics and discipline,

  • One to one meetings with the direct reports, organize shift and department meetings, put into practice the demands and suggestions from the team,

  • Lead and motivate the syrup room team,

  • Evaluate the performance of the syrup room team, according to the evaluation train and improve the capabilities

  • Train and support sales team about food safety and quality,

  • Follow up and receive the licenses related with the site's requirements

  • Follow up the policies about emergency situations and crisis,

  • Ensure the waste management is in place in accordance with the environmental system and legal regulations and inform EHS Manager in a case of unconformity

  • Perform other duties assigned by the relevant supervisors in matters that may be included in their duties and responsibilities,

  • Ensure the operations at site complies with the food safety and pre-requisite programs, PepsiCo requirements, local/international food regulations

  • Ensure the hygiene management and HACCP principles implemented at site,

  • Inform QC Manager about any unconformity about the food safety and quality,

  • Plan and give annual refreshment food safety and quality related trainings to all employee,

  • Give orientation trainings about food safety and quality to new comers,

  • Implement PepsiCo's business ethics and discipline


  • University degree ( Food / Chemical Engineer )
  • Experience in budget management
  • English fluency
  • Create an environment of inclusion
  • Excellent communication skills: written, oral, and inter-personal
  • Ability to coordinate and organize design projects and personnel
  • Demonstrated leadership ability
  • Ability to multi-task, work independently and employ effective time management skills
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

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